Yale Ousts SAE Chapter Over “Inappropriate Comments”

SAE Yale University

Due to a few “inappropriate comments” made last year at a private initiation ceremony, Yale University has decided to lay down the law and ban the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity chapter until August 2016 for violating the university’s sexual misconduct policy.

Besides having their fraternity banned until next August, SAE is also prohibited from participating in any on-campus activities. Ouch, so much for recruitment. On the communication front, Yale has also banned the chapter from using any of the university’s email systems, bulletin boards, and use of “SAE” name in any relation or connection to Yale, according to correspondence released from Dean Jonathan Holloway to students, faculty and staff.

It is worth pointing out that these “inappropriate comments” were made over a year ago by two chapter members who have since graduated. SAE’s national headquarters conducted their own separate investigation regarding the incident and found that two members had made inappropriate comments regarding a female student at the chapter’s private event. The investigation also concluded that the comments were isolated to two individuals, but that all SAE members are expected “to act as gentlemen at all times.”

Still, even SAE national president was confused by the recent sanctions: “I was surprised at the university coming in a year later” with the ban on SAE, said Cohen, who helped establish the Yale chapter in the late 1980s. The students who made the comments have graduated, he said.”

At this point, I doubt we will ever find out the exact words that were spoken at this private event. But it does seem a bit unfair that the entire chapter is being held accountable for the juvenile actions of two other members.

Should the chapter be banned? Is the punishment just? Should Greek Life be a component of Ivy League Schools?

Discuss your thoughts below.


Sources: Yahoo

Featured Image Source: Yale Daily News


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