What to Look For In an Ivy League Man

Ivy League Couple

The hardest thing to find in the dating scene on our college campuses is a sincere, genuine gentleman who is not just taking us out to sleep with him. Rather is taking us out because he enjoys our company and is pursuing a partnership with us.

Now many men claim that some women put themselves into the FWB categories, but we all know that sometimes it just happens.

In order to maximize our effectiveness rate of finding the right partner for us here are some things to prioritize when looking for your Ivy League Man:

1. Chivalry

This most overlooked element of what makes a great boyfriend is something our grandmother’s valued two generations ago and should not be lost.

A man who is looking to really be a boyfriend should be willing to pick up the bill, hold the door open, and offer his coat to a woman when walking across campus as its bone chillingly cold in the winter time on our campuses.

This does not mean he will forever pay for everything, or you should not even offer to split the bill. However a man which is of the caliber to date you should be willing to at least foot the bill the first couple of times going on a date.

2. Caring

A caring man is somebody who enjoys all of the little “peccadillos” of a woman. Conversely you will learn all of his, and love him anyway. For a better understanding of peccadillos check out this short clip from the late, great Robin Williams:

3. Generous

Does he go out of his way to help others? Is he somebody who would walk, or pull over to help someone change their flat tire?


This is not a full proof checklist for a generous man, but it is a start! A generous man is one who will actually live longer according to a University of Buffalo study. Now you can have a man who has a vital quality to success and it heightens the length with which you will be able to share your lives together.

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4. Well Sized

When prospecting for a partnership enjoying a “thicker” guy in all the right places helps for inner happiness. No girl wants to walk in to a male with permanent “shrinkage”.

5. Focus

When transitioning from singledom into a partnership the man having a focus as to what he is doing and where he going is important.

There is nothing worse than dating a guy in college which lasts just up until postgrad as you realize his African Studies major has left him unemployed.


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