Updated Knicks Trade: JR & Shumpert

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Knicks Fans,

Looks like Phil Jackson has officially launched rebuilding mode through a 3 way trade with the Cavs & Thunder. The Cavs would get JR Smith & Iman Shumpert. The Thunder would get dynamic guard Dion Waiters.Whereas the Knicks get the Cavs’ Alex Kirk, Lou Amundson, as well as the Thunder’s Lance Thomas. In draft compensation they receive a 2019 second round pick.

This is an interesting trade for the Knicks because JR Smith was owed almost $7 million against the Knicks cap. Kirk has a contract running through next year at approximately $845,000. No matter who is included a future draft pick is also included could be helpful as the Knicks have had a successful draft history with choices of Nate Robinson, David Lee, as well as Trevor Ariza (a former 2nd round pick).


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