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8 Things Incoming Penn Freshmen Should Know

University of Pennsylvania Freshmen
  1. You can do anything, or go anywhere over the summer

    • Penn has specialized departments and employees who sole job is to match prospective organizations, companies, and even governments to providing internships to Penn students. The world is now your oyster, and you just need to take advantage of it.
University of Pennsylvania Internships
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  1. Competition

    • Everyone around you is going to be insanely competitive. You thought AP class in high school was bad? Try macroeconomics at the school of Wharton!
University of Pennsylvania Wharton Students
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  1. Do not ever go west of 52nd St

    • University City is a diverse neighborhood with tons of multiculturalism that embodies so much of the richness that can be found within Philly. It is also a short walk or ride to Center City (the heart of Philadelphia), the food is great, and everything can be found within a reasonable walk.  However west of 52nd is not a location you want to venture because it is beyond the reach of Penn’s security, and essentially ends the comfort zone which has been created for students.
University City University of Pennsylvania Freshmen
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  1. Your liver will hurt

    • The party scene at Penn is amazing. You can find a party nearly any night of the week. Tuesday Quizzo at Blarney’s, Wednesday Sink or Swim at Smoke’s, Thursday Frat Party, Friday Center City bar hopping, and Saturday a concert, or taking a quick drive down to AC. This is a typical week in the life of a Penn student, so gear up because Sundays should be for church and trying to save what is left of your vital organs.
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University of Pennsylvania Hungover Meme

  1. Blarney Stone & Smokey Joe’s

    • These two bars are pillars of nightlife on the Penn campus. This is especially true if you may be under 21, but looking for a place to go. Although recently they have gotten stricter with ID’s they certainly are not as tough to get into as some of the Center City bars of Philadelphia. Often you will also find yourself asking “Can I just sleep at Smoke’s because by the time I wake up I will need a pizza and have the urge to start drinking again?”
Smokey Joe's Upenn
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  1. The bars may close at 2am, but the dorms will be raging until at least 3 or 4am

    • Unfortunately the bars close at 2am in Philadelphia. However you can find students partying throughout the night, and this is especially true for the Quad which most Penn freshmen should choose to live in anyway.

Pen Quadrangle Party


  1. Greek Life Parties

    • Being in a Greek organization is not an absolute defining institution to having a great social life at Penn, but it does help. The mixers are epic, the parties are huge, and the alcohol is flowing. Not to mention the alumni from each Greek life organization are always looking to help a younger brother or sister get a leg up, so it may just score you the dream job you envision upon gaining your acceptance letter from Penn.
Penn Toga Party
Upenn Toga Party
  1. Most people you graduate with will immediately be moving to New York City

    • Philadelphia is a great city which starts to feel like home after four years of undergrad, but it simply does not have the appeal that New York City does. Not to mention that New York City is also the hub for the two F’s “Fashion & Finance”. Therefore many of your Penn colleagues, and possibly even yourself will be graduating into employment within the mecca of American society.

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