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Do you want to make higher returns on your stock trades? Using a leveraged ETF can boost your returns, but they are also more risky for investors. Here’s some advice about leveraged ETFs:

Disclaimer (see our disclaimer page): Seek professional advice before investing.

An ETF (exchange-traded fund) is a security which basically holds a bunch of stocks or bonds, or an index fund. You can buy ETFs for almost any industry: Telecoms, Tech, Biotech, Utilities etc..

For example: S&P 500 Index ETF, SPDR

Leveraged ETF

So a leveraged ETF uses financial tools (borrowing) to increase the leverage of your bet. You can get *2 or *3 positions which aim to provide 200 % & 300% (respectfully) of the underlying market performance of the asset. If the technology stocks rise 1% and you own a technology ETF *3 then you get a 3% return for the same trade because leverage boosted your returns by 3 times.

For example here is a leveraged Technology ETF: TECL *300

Using leverage is more risky. Because the moves up and down are more volatile. Expect swings anywhere between 2%-10+% a day (up or down) depending on market volatility. There are fees involved in owning a leveraged ETF and beta-slippage can cause the ETF to not match the performance of the market over time. If you can handle the risk and are chasing fast returns then a leveraged ETF can be a faster way to grow your wealth.

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