GMAT Guide


A fast guide to the GMAT test!

The GMAT test is used by the leading graduate business schools to test your skills for admissions into post-graduate business programmes. Getting a high GMAT score could help you place in a top business school. The GMAT is very important to students who after having completed their undergraduate degree want to continue on to do an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

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The GMAT tests students across a range of different skill levels including : math, verbal, reasoning, writing assessment.  Because the GMAT is an important part of the admissions process for applicants it is important to study for the GMAT test before you complete it, there are various online GMAT prep courses you can take in preparation for the GMAT. A high GMAT score will not guarantee admissions success at top colleges, but it is definitely a core requirement leading colleges will judge your application by. A low GMAT score could mean your admissions application will be rejected.



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