The Dating App for the Ivy League: “The League”

The League Ivy Dating App

There is now a dating app called “The League”. The League’s slogan is “date intelligently”. This slogan is spot on because this application values your LinkedIn more than your Facebook information, and is a more select version than any dating app previously established because they value somebody’s education pedigree, degree earned, and job which they are holding in order to even allow them to be a member.

Functionality-wise it operates much more like a high-class Hinge than it does Tinder.

Each day you are given a bucket of five vetted users as perspective matches, much like Hinge. Within this bucket of people you either swipe right or left based off of what you see. Then you obviously connect with that person and chat with them, much like Hinge and Tinder. However this app employs a “flakiness score” which determines the user’s engagement with others in the app and should the user not be using the app frequently they could be banished.

Finally at 5 pm another bucket of people load up, and you get to start all over again with another group of vetted candidates for your perspective liking.


In order to enter “The League” one must wait on a waiting list as this app is only allowing beta users within the San Francisco market. However they are expected to be expanding into the New York market next, and have structured the acceptance to include accepted members to personally invite one new member through a referal program called the “ticket”. This “ticket” allows the new user access to the app which he/she would otherwise have to wait for.

The real benefit of this app is the fact that they provide you a vetting service which you cannot get anywhere else. In articles interviewing founder Amanda Bradford, the CEO of “The League”, she calls this app’s process of accepting users based off of merit as “curated” rather than “elitist” Many places have criticized this app for being too “elitist”, BusinessWeek being one of them. The Huffington Post went as far to make the headline of an article about this “There’s A Dating App For Ivy League Types. Prepare To Cringe.”

In our minds this app has a direct benefit for the early 20 somethings just out of highly ranked schools and mid to late 20 somethings currently ascending up the corporate ladder who are all working more than 55 hours per week. When working that hard, one deserves to have an option of a service like this to look for other like-minded, successful people without the hassles of bots and plebeians that saturate the likes of Tinder.

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