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10 Summer Ivy League Photos

Ivy League colleges are some of the most spectacular and oldest colleges ever built. Here’s a collection of 10 perfect summer ivy league photos, also includes commencement photos Class of 2017. Courtesy of the following Instagram accounts: Harvard, Upenn, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Penn & Columbia.
Which is your favourite Summer Ivy League Photo?

Can’t hide the beauty of Penn’s campus. #Penn

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“Summer Nights” #Princetagram by @danielgalastro

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#Princeton17 marching in their first P-rade! #PrincetonReunions 🐯

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Branford College courtyard at sunset. #Yale #sunset

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Summer at Brown 👍 👍🏻 👍🏼 👍🏽 👍🏾 👍🏿⠀ ⠀ 📸: @cesarbtgn – add yours with #BrownUniversity

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Sage Chapel framed by a canopy of shade #Cornell #CornellSummer #architecture

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Yale Guide

Yale University

Est. 1701

Location: New Haven, Connecticut (90 minutes from New York)

Schools: Yale College, Arts & Sciences, Architecture, Art, Divinity, Drama, Engineering & Applied Science, Forestry & Environmental Science, Law, Management, Medicine, Music, Nursing, & Public Health


5,453 Undergraduate students

Test score ranges (25th to 75th percentiles) for enrolled freshmen:

  • SAT-Verbal: 720-800
  • SAT-Math: 710-800
  • SAT-Writing: 710-790
  • ACT: 31-35

Tuition: $49,480, plus room & board $15,170

64% of students receive financial aid.

Rank: #12th World University Rankings, # 5th US College Rankings  (Times Higher Edu)

Admitted Rate: 6.7% (2015)


yale peabody

Student Review:

Yale is plagued by the fact that it is in New Haven, Connecticut. Much like Brown being in Providence, this is not an ideal landing spot for any youthful Ivy Leaguer looking to experience the big city, or a beautiful scenic view beyond campus. However the Gothic architecture has allowed for many to tout this school for having some of the most beautiful buildings of any campus nationwide.

If you do not think so, take a look at Connecticut Hall which was actually built with a Georgian Style:
Yale’s campus is beautiful on the inside, but unfortunately the location downgrades Yale underneath its many of its competitors.

Which Hogwarts House is Yale most like? 


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Ivy League Campus Rankings

Ivy league Campus Rankings

Below you will find our Ivy League Campus Rankings. These rankings were contested internally between many members of our team. Ultimately this was our final list, but we welcome your feedback to your insights about how you see your campus as it compares to our rankings.

#8: Brown University
Brown University is found in Providence, Rhode Island. Not the worst city in America, but it is not exactly a major urban hub that would be ideal for a school to be located in.Plus this god awful piece of strange artwork plagues the campus only further perpetuating the notion to the fact that they are the hippies of the Ivy League.brown

In fact, the only reason many of its students have ever been to Providence is because that is where the school is located. The school is the draw, not the location. That is why many who have a choice of Ivy League schools will not go to Brown.

You can go to Ivy League schools in major cities like New York Philadelphia, or Boston, or go to ones with excellent scenic views such as Princeton or Cornell. Overall Brown University just does not have enough in terms of majestic scenery, urban appeal, or historic tradition to make it stand out in comparison with other Ivy League campuses.

#7 Yale University

Yale is plagued by the fact that it is in New Haven, Connecticut. Much like Brown being in Providence, this is not an ideal landing spot for any youthful Ivy Leaguer looking to experience the big city, or a beautiful scenic view beyond campus.

yale peabody
However the Gothic architecture has allowed for many to tout this school for having some of the most beautiful buildings of any campus nationwide.

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If you do not think so, take a look at Connecticut Hall which was actually built with a Georgian Style:
Yale’s campus is beautiful on the inside, but unfortunately the location downgrades Yale underneath its many of its competitors.

#6 Dartmouth College

The architecture providing structure for most buildings on campus is classified as Georgian. A noted feature of this campus is the greenery stemming from the beautiful landscape made up of a scope of trees that provide a background justifying the nickname for Dartmouth as the “The Green”. By happenstance the university also has a large area officially named “The green”. “The green” is the epicenter of the campus providing a common area where students enjoy festivities ranging from bonfires to Christmas trees to concerts.

The Green Dartmouth
The Green Dartmouth

Overall Dartmouth is a pristine piece of property in the middle of New Hampshire. However their setting being in New Hampshire limits the students’ ability to ingratiate themselves in an urban area such as high ranked schools like Penn or Harvard. Additionally the campus, although beautiful, is just not as majestic, large, or historical as Cornell or Princeton.

#5: University of Pennsylvania

Although it is in the heart of a major metropolitan city this campus is in the bottom half of all the Ivy League schools for a few different reasons. First, the fact that it is in the heart of a city makes it feel congested and difficult to navigate at times. Second, the student dorms with massive satellites at the top are not exactly the most luxurious. Third, this university neighbors one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods in all of the country, West Philadelphia.

In West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground at Penn is where I spent most of my days!

Ben Franklin Statue

Ben Franklin On Penn’s Campus

I hope so because if you go anywhere else West of the University you are venturing into no man’s land, and because of its proximity Penn is in fact the most crime ridden campus in all of Philadelphia according to Billy Penn. However the proximity to the heart of Philadelphia certainly is a major pro with party ready undergraduates looking to experience a major city’s nightlife.

Overall Penn’s location is both a positive and a negative, which ultimately demotes its campus to the bottom half of the whole Ivy League.

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#4: Cornell University

Do not hold the fact that Cornell is found in Ithaca, New York against it. This campus overlooks the beautiful Cayuga Lake as seen below and has six building on the National Register of Historic Places paired with a 2,800 acre botanical garden.

To say this campus is scenic is to actually sell it short.

Cornell Campus


Overall Cornell is not at the top spot because it is simply not in an urban hub which draws many students interest. However if one is looking for a secluded campus filled with history, and character than Cornell is certainly head and shoulders above most of the competition.

#3 Princeton University 

This campus’ most historic building, Nassau Hall, actually predates the start of the American civilization. In fact British troops once occupied it during the Revolutionary War.
Princeton Campus
Aside from that Princeton is also found on the scenic Lake Carnegie in the affluent suburbs of New Jersey. Additionally Princeton’s campus is the largest of all of the Ivy League schools with over 500 acres of property. Princeton University also finds itself comfortably located between both Philadelphia and New York City while still providing the majestic scenery that can only be offered from schools outside of the urban setting.

Princeton’s unique combination of historical significance, large space, beautiful scenery, and convenient location land itself the number three spot on our list.
#2 Columbia University

New York is known as the city which never sleeps. This is also true for the urbanite students who occupy the campus of Columbia University. These students get to enjoy all of the amenities and opportunities from living in the greatest city in the world. Columbia’s campus is the smallest of all of the Ivy League schools with 32 acres of property, but it is some of the mostprized real estate in the world as it sits on the edge of the Upper West Side.


Columbia University The Steps

Columbia University The Steps

Many Ivy League students are anticipating and working to one day live in New York within the financial sector, or launching their own brand or company, but Columbia’s students get to enjoy the landscape of New York immediately as undergraduates. Also not to be outdone by Cornell, Columbia University boasts more than a handful of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

Take one stroll down “the steps” found within Columbia University’s campus, and you will see how beautiful of a campus it really is.

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#1 Harvard University

When you have the largest endowment of any university in the world it may be easier to ensure that your campus sets itself apart from everyone else’s. However it’s not just the money which Harvard has put into the campus, but the historical prestige surrounding each building. One example is Server Hall which has been called by some as their “favorite building in America” because of its beauty.The prestige of Harvard is not limited from the buildings, but other magnificent areas like Harvard Yard. Harvard Yard is the heart and soul of the University where the most gorgeous views can be found, and the most prestigious figures like the dean as well as president of the university locate their offices.
Nearby neighbor’s campus, MIT, pales in comparison to Harvard’s campus. The housing structure allows for a more structured system for social connection between all undergrads, and the setting for the different houses to compete with each other.

Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard

Harvard has been established as an absolutely influential part of Boston by becoming the backbone of the northern suburbs just outside of Boston. It is the best parts of Penn ingratiating themselves inside the Philadelphia community without any of the crime problems which Quaker nation struggles with. Additionally the University allows students to enjoy a majestic campus experience within the confines of the campus, but also allow for the students to dive into the wonderful nightlife at the heart of Boston.

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2016 Presidential Candidates : Where did they study?

Winter Carnival Dartmouth


Historically having an Ivy League education is a good record for getting into the White house, former presidents including: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and George H.W Bush all graduated from an Ivy League college (don’t forget, Obama). Leading up to the 2016 Presidential race here’s a snapshot of the candidates who have an Ivy League education to boot! 

*Apologies for any errors or exclusions

From The Democratic Party.

Hillary Rodham Clinton


Which Ivy League?

Yale Law

Campaign link:


Lincoln Chafee



Campaign link:


From The Republican Party.

Ted Cruz

Credit : Official PortraitPrinceton, Harvard Law

Campaign link


George Pataki

Yale, Columbia

Campaign link


 Donald Trump

Which Ivy League?


Follow Campaign:


Dr. Ben Carson

Credit by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Campaign link:


Mark Everson


Campaign link:

Bobby Jindal


Campaign link:


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Source: Wikipedia is the source for all biographic data.

Image Credit/ “Ben Carson at CPAC 2015” by Gage Skidmore.


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10 Things Every New Yalie Needs to Know

yale peabody

1. No one cares what you got on the SAT

Oh, you got a 2400? Congratulations, I got a 2000 but look at us both here at Yale. Guess your score didn’t really matter. So stop bringing it up.

2. Your Durfee’s swipe will save your life

Forget going to a dining hall for lunch, because that $8 at Durfee’s will change your life. Sure, a package of Oreo’s shouldn’t cost you $5.25, but when you want to eat only Oreo’s for lunch, it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

3. Freshman Holiday Dinner is Magical

There is never a better time to question whether or not you actually attend Hogwarts as during the Freshman Holiday Dinner, when you feast on enough sushi and Cornish hens to feed a moderately sized village, and people run away with huge gingerbread houses and ice sculptures.

4. Master’s Teas are Your Chance to Hob-Knob

Every residential college master will host an array of guests for teas in their house throughout the semester. Guests range from visiting fellows to authors to former CEOs of Chanel, and you get a chance to talk with them in an intimate setting. Plus, there’s all the tea and finger sandwiches your heart desires. Often, your master will also sponsor dinners afterwards with the speaker, and you’ll get dinner for free at a local restaurant (Free Hibachi, anyone?).

5. The Office of Career Strategy can save your butt

Sure, it may seem far away, being on Whitney Avenue, bit magic happens in that building. Career strategy staff will do everything for you from helping you craft a perfect resume and cover letter, to searching for internships and jobs after graduation, to simply talking you down off a cliff. They are a resource you need to utilize. Plus, you burn at least a hundred calories walking there and back.

6. You must hate Harvard.

Even if you are from Boston originally, this is not a suggestion. This is a rule. You will dye your blood Yale blue and never look back. There is no bigger event than the Yale-Harvard football game, but every single time we go against Harvard in any event, it is war. Even if that was your second choice school, or maybe your first, the second you become a Bulldog, you must despise everything Harvard. It’s the rule of the road. Don’t forget it.

7. New Haven is not nearly as dangerous as you think

New Haven is no hub of metropolitan murder or robbery. Like any other city, it has crime, but the presence of Yale creates a protective little bubble around all students. There are Blue phones, which are constantly lit up and can connect you to police and security personnel, everywhere you look on campus. To get into most areas of campus, you have to swipe in with your ID so you don’t have to worry about some random stranger showing up in your hallway. Yale security officers are always around and willing to help. It’s not a haven for crime, but you still should be smart and not walk around at midnight displaying all your earthly possessions.

8. The Theater Scene is AMAZING!

If you enjoy theater, Yale is the place for you. Whether you love to be a patron, be on the stage, direct or do sound design, the Yale theater scene has a place for you. Every semester there are dozens of productions, many of them student written originals. Plus, Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong’o are Yale theater graduates, so we clearly know what we are doing.

9. The Harkness Tower will play your favorite tunes

The Caroliners are known for playing everything from One Direction to Broadway showtunes to Katy Perry’s Firework. They have been known to be very sass and play Let It Go during snowstorms though. If you have any musical talent, look into learning to play the bells, because then you can make the entire campus listen to whatever you feel like playing. The Game of Thrones theme song really sets the mood for dinner, don’t you think?

10.  So many speakers, so little time.

Every time you turn around another big name speaker will be coming to Yale to talk to students like you. Supreme Court justices, Congressmen, former Presidents, CEOs of global companies, authors, and more. While you can’t hear them all, there are some speakers that you just won’t want to miss!


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10 Truths About Being an International Student in the Ivy League


1. You realize that you’re not the smartest person in your country anymore. Sorry.

You have disgraced the honor of your kin.

2. No matter how healthy or ~organic~ your dining halls are, you have begun a romantic love affair with American junk food and big portion sizes

Pictured above: you succumbing to the 20 pounds you gained first semester

3. You realize how much Americans party and drink, but you secretly (or candidly) want to join the party

How can a human being function with that much alcohol in their system? However, if you’re European, you secretly judge Americans for getting drunk over that p*ss they call “beer”.

4. First World Problems. First World Problems Everywhere. Welcome to the Ivy League.

Like, Stacy, who gives a f*ck that Brandon hasn’t texted you back, there are wars and religious conflicts where I’m from. Can you not?

5. Some people still ask you: “How come your English is really good?”

But on the bright side, some Americans are genuinely amazed by the amount of languages you speak.

6. You are starting to be more Americanized in your mannerisms and way of thinking, and you love/hate it. 

And now you have your own set of first world problems. “All the computers in the library are taken; HOW CAN I CONTINUE LIVING????? #killmenow #ivyleagueproblems”

7. Homesickness is real.

Sometime all you need is home. However, the bright side to this is that you appreciate your country and culture even more. Even the bad.

8. Which is why when you meet people from your home country, you instantly become best friends.


9. Sometimes you look at your work load, and ask if all this is worth it.

You look at your friends who had stayed in your country and get slightly jealous that they are eating real Chinese food unlike that greasy sh*t they have here.

10. But you realize that you have been privileged with the best education any human being can ever attain, and you’re grateful for it.

Although you’ll never be as cool as Emma Watson. Sorry.