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Pizza Essay Gets Student Accepted To Ivy league

Do you want to get into one of the best colleges in the world? Then you might have to think outside the (Pizza) box. Admissions for the ivy league is challenging with the acceptance rate usually below 10%. But one teen used an unusual pitch in an essay to get offered a place at Yale where the acceptance rate is only 6.3%. Wait until you hear what she wrote about in her application essay: Pizza!

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In response to a prompt about what you love to do, was about Papa John’s. “I love to order pizza from Papa John’s so much,” Williams tells ABC News. “That was my first thought when I saw that prompt.” Her essay, which discussed how ordering from the pizza chain made her feel independent as a kid, was a bit of a risk, she admits, but it made an  impression on Yale’s admissions team. 

We know what your thinking this is a joke? But it’s a true story. Unbelievable!

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Ivy League Admission Secrets

Ivy League Admission Secrets!

Getting into an Ivy League college is a dream for many students every year.  Beyond getting strong grades and an excellent SAT score, what secrets do you need to know? Here’s some additional secrets for getting into an Ivy League college.

1.  Apply early decision

If you choose to get accepted early decision it might pay off. This is probably best for applicants with grades that might not be excellent.

2. Showcase your academic specialities 

Perhaps you play a musical instrument or speak a second language, don’t forget to make these points in your application.


3. Make your application essay stand-out from the crowd

Don’t underestimate the importance of the application essay. Don’t just expect your excellent grades to get you into Harvard. Show why you deserve a spot in one of the best colleges on the planet.

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Yale Guide

Yale University

Est. 1701

Location: New Haven, Connecticut (90 minutes from New York)

Schools: Yale College, Arts & Sciences, Architecture, Art, Divinity, Drama, Engineering & Applied Science, Forestry & Environmental Science, Law, Management, Medicine, Music, Nursing, & Public Health


5,453 Undergraduate students

Test score ranges (25th to 75th percentiles) for enrolled freshmen:

  • SAT-Verbal: 720-800
  • SAT-Math: 710-800
  • SAT-Writing: 710-790
  • ACT: 31-35

Tuition: $49,480, plus room & board $15,170

64% of students receive financial aid.

Rank: #12th World University Rankings, # 5th US College Rankings  (Times Higher Edu)

Admitted Rate: 6.7% (2015)


yale peabody

Student Review:

Yale is plagued by the fact that it is in New Haven, Connecticut. Much like Brown being in Providence, this is not an ideal landing spot for any youthful Ivy Leaguer looking to experience the big city, or a beautiful scenic view beyond campus. However the Gothic architecture has allowed for many to tout this school for having some of the most beautiful buildings of any campus nationwide.

If you do not think so, take a look at Connecticut Hall which was actually built with a Georgian Style:
Yale’s campus is beautiful on the inside, but unfortunately the location downgrades Yale underneath its many of its competitors.

Which Hogwarts House is Yale most like? 


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5 Most Difficult Ivy League Colleges to Get Into

Getting into the Ivy League is a dream for many aspiring college students. But which Ivy Leagues are the toughest to gain admission and the most selective when it comes to reviewing applicants?  Here are the top 5 most difficult Ivy League colleges by admissions. Ranked by acceptance rate…

1.Harvard University — 5.2%

Harvard Baker Building.

2.Columbia University — 6.04%

Columbia University The Steps
Columbia University The Steps

3.Yale University — 6.27%

Yale Campus
Yale Campus

4.Princeton University — 6.46%

Princeton Flag
Princeton Flag

5.Brown University — 9.01%

Its not easy getting admission into an Ivy League college, but these five are the most difficult !

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Source: Business Insider