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10 Hot Job Titles for Tech 2017

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Do you know the most in demand job titles for technology jobs in 2017? Find the answer below! Recent research by HiringSolved predicted the most likely job titles for new graduate applicants starting out in technology jobs. The results will surprise you! Here are the 10 Hot Technology Job Titles for 2017 :

1. Software Engineering Intern 6. Member of Technical Staff
2. Software Engineer 7. Business Analyst
3. Business Development Consultant 8. Brand Ambassador
4. Research Intern 9. Marketing Intern
5. Product Specialist 10. Financial Analyst
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10 Popular Skills for Silicon Valley Jobs

If your dream is to work in Silicon Valley then read on…Recent research by HiringSolved has identified the most popular skills for graduates seeking tech jobs in 2017.  The results will surprise you! Here is the top 10 list of skills for Silicon Valley Jobs:

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1. Python 6. Verilog
2. C++ 7. JavaScript
3. Java 8. Linux
4. Algorithms 9. HTML
5. Matlab 10. Gem5