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Harvard Legacy Numbers Class 2021

The Ivy League schools are elite, but a recent report by the Harvard Crimson has revealed just how big a part legacies play in getting accepted to Harvard, the most prestigious college in the world!


About 30% of Harvard College’s class of 2021 has some sort of familial connection to the school, such as a parent, grandparent or other relative who attended the college, according to a survey of the class conducted by the school’s student newspaper.

(Source: Harvard Crimson )

The Ivy League and other elite schools continue to cater to wealthy and advantaged students.

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3 Ivy League Student Sterotypes

Warning: this article contains stereotypes of university students which may be offensive to people who can’t make fun of their own educational privilege.

Getting accepted into a ivy league college is quite the achievement. Ivy league schools have a admittance rate between 5-10%, so they are exclusive!  To get accepted you need to fit one of the following three types of ivy league students:

1) Legacy

Family name and wealth beyond the reach of most people. Trust fund millionaires.

Ivy League Alumni

2) Geek 

The Geek is usually a high achiever that has grown up being the smartest kid in the room. The Harvard average HS GPA is 4.17.

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3) Athlete 

The athlete excels at one particular sport, which makes them the envy of everybody on the track and field.



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