10 Summer Holiday Plans

summer plan kitesurfing
summer plan kitesurfing

Now that classes are over, final papers are piling up, and everyone is dreaming of the sunny days of summer, it’s time to take a look at the various ways Ivy League students spend their summers

1.Research how certain chromosomal defects affect what you eat for breakfast

2.Work at an investment bank preparing portfolio reviews for Jordan Belfast

3.Campaign for the presidential candidate that lives down the street from them

4.Study the rise of glass-blowing as an art form in a country with a name your family can’t remember

5.Learn a foreign language in the native country while also ruining their liver

6.Learn Kitesurfing in the Bahamas, its really easy! Then have a romance with your instructor


7.Write code for a major tech company and get rich

8.Attend enough music festivals that their hair begins to actually become fringe

9.Intern with a Nobel Prize winning author and learn how they like their coffee

10.Visit the Caribbean islands in a bikini that would make Amber Rose uncomfortable

Tell us what your doing on your summer break in the comments below, and don’t forget to share and like!



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