Robots to Rescue The Liberal Arts Major

Japan Cooking Robot

Why does a Liberal Arts major (philosophy, sociology or English)  benefit from robots? 

With the rise of robots and automation the future job prospects of graduates is also changing. For the liberal arts major things are suddenly looking good!  The arts have always been troubled by low job prospects but that’s all about to change,  technology will disrupt 60% of all occupations, with automation set to replace 30% of activities of professional jobs ( report by McKinsey.)

robot and human

According to a recent interview, Google exec Jonathan Rosenberg, adviser to Alphabet’s CEO Larry Page, said, “We need more traditional liberal arts grads.” Cognitive and analytical thinking will be difficult to replace by robots, “I would tell people to follow their passion, even if it’s in something that doesn’t have an obvious job prospect,” Rosenberg says, “but teaches you how to think.”

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Source: CNBC 




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