Revealed: Will Your Ivy League Degree Earn You More?

Ivy League Schools

Will Your Ivy League Degree Earn You More?

According to and their 2014-2015 College Salary Report your Ivy League Bachelor’s Degree will not earn you more than many other institutions across the United States.

In fact there is not an Ivy League school in the entire top 10 for expected mid-career salary! Here are the rankings for the Ivy League Schools and the adjacent placements as they were found on the list when compared to all other schools throughout the United States:

#14 Harvard University

Coming in first place in the Ivy League category for mid-career earning is Harvard University in a whopping 14th overall place! I guess the $58,000 per year spent on the overall cost of attendance is not what it used to be as the average mid-career salary is $118,200, and the entry-career pay is $57,700. Better make sure you meet the man of your dreams with a large trust fund while on campus.

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#18 Yale University

In second place for mid-career earning is Yale University with an expected pay of $115,100, and entry-career pay of $58,500. That $3,000 pay cut for attending Yale University when compared to Harvard may be costly because Yale is in fact more expensive to attend than Harvard for the 2014-2015 school year with a total cost of attendance of $63,250. Did anyone say free community college? Thanks Obama!

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#21 Brown University

Brown University remains the ugly redheaded stepchild of Harvard falling below them in mid-career salary and entry-career salary, but they still have their Providence pride! Oh wait Providence is like the JV version of Boston as well. At least Brown University graduates will enjoy the third highest mid-career salary with pay of $114,500 per year, and an entry-level salary expectation of $55,100. The total cost of attendance is $62,694 every year.


#24 Princeton University

Princeton, oh Princeton where to begin! How about the fact that their entry level graduates can expect an entry salary higher than any other Ivy League school with pay of $60,000 per year. However the mid-career salary is not as appealing with pay of $113,900 to be expected. This is in addition to having a total cost of attendance of $58,965 per year which is also the lowest it will cost anyone to attend an Ivy League school. Out of all of these schools Princeton stands out as possibly the most economical choice.

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#25 University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania locates itself in one of the poorest areas in America, West Philadelphia, yet it chooses to charge a total cost of attendance of $64,200. Unfortunately the University of Pennsylvania only provides a mid-career salary of $112,200, but delivers the second highest entry-career salary of any Ivy League school with pay of $59,300 per year. This may not be enough considering what over $200,000 of student debt could do to somebody’s monthly expense report (good luck Millennials).

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#29 Cornell University

Cornell University is able to get its alumni a decent mid-career salary in relative terms with an expected salary of $111,100. Graduates just entering the workforce can expect to be paid approximately $58,200 as an entry career salary. This is after Cornell charging $63,604 per year for the total cost of attendance. Hey, at least you didn’t go to Columbia!

#44 Dartmouth University

Dartmouth’s best accomplishment within this list is that they did not come in last within the Ivy League standings for mid-career earning. Dartmouth graduates can expect to make approximately $104,700 as a mid-career salary and $55,500 as an entry-career salary. Dartmouth boasts a total cost of attendance as $65,523 per year ranking higher than every other Ivy League school. That seems a little high considering they place you in Podunk, New Hampshire and then provide you with a lower earning potential than SUNY Maritime. Set me off to sea!

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#55 Columbia University

Wow Columbia should be ashamed of itself as it is setting up to create more bankruptcies than the 2008 financial crisis. The mid-career salary for these graduates is $101,100, and an entry-level salary is $59,200. With a total cost of attendance of $63,440 Columbia University has established a network which allows for its graduates to make less than graduates from NJIT. For those of you not familiar with the acronym NJIT, it stands for the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Maybe it will eventually be passed by graduates from the University Of Phoneix….

Institution Name Total Cost Of Attendance Entry-Career Salary Mid-Career Salary
Harvard University $58,000 $57,700 $118,200
Yale University $63,250 $58,500 $115,100
Princeton University $58,965 $60,000 $113,900
University of Pennsylvania $64,200 $59,300 $112,200
Cornell University $63,604 $58,200 $111,100
Dartmouth University $65,523 $55,500 $104,700
Columbia University $63,440 $59,200 $101,100

To all of our fellow Ivy Leaguers do not get too upset as you still will make more than graduates from the University of Michigan, University of Texas, UCLA, Northwestern, and Union College among many, many others.

However you are surpassed by Harvey Mudd College, The United States Naval Academy, SUNY Maritime, MIT, and Stanford.


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