6 NY Resolutions To Make You Smarter In 2016

princeton graduation
princeton graduation

Welcome to 2016! It’s a new year which means the smarter you is just around the corner. While we all like to think were the smartest kid  in the classroom; sometimes we fall short. So here are 6 New Year Resolutions that will actually make you smarter.

These resolutions are simple and they will surprise you.

1.Lay of the booze 

Alcohol is not great for your memory or health, so cutting back on those big nights might just be the thing holding you back from your smarter-self in 2016. Can’t remember a long equation in your final exam, yeah thats your short-term memory loss from excessive drinking holding you back.

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2.Push yourself  a little harder, go the extra the mile

Need some extra motivation to become a smarter student? Your GPA and grades are what top employers are looking for, they want to hire the best of the best, and this means you need to work a little harder to be consistent with your high-grades, your future depends on it. In your spare time take on some more responsibility like leading a student organisation.

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3.Actually complete all those redundant readings & case-studies 

You never bother reading all those assigned case-studies and additional readings your given each week, that pile of paper on the corner of your desk needs your attention.

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4.Take notes during every class


This might seem stupid, but its actually the easiest way to bump up your grades. Keeping good notes will help with memory recall, and note taking is really an art form you will perfect in your student life if you want to be at the top of your game.diminishing marginal utility

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5.Talk to your lecturer once or twice a semester 

Take a few minutes every semester to make yourself known to the lecturer, just make some jokes about the weather or whatever pops into your head. But here’s a warning, don’t say anything stupid that shows a total lack of understanding of the subject your studying, and be polite because your one step closer to passing. When it comes to marking lecturers are totally biased.

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6.Drink a lot of coffee !

So we covered cutting back on alcohol earlier, you can substitute this habit with a new habit : COFFEE. Recent research has found numerous health benefits from drinking that bitter, black stuff. Coffee will switch your brain from sleep-mode, to learning-mode.  coffee

Congratulations, follow these 6 New Year resolutions and your first A is just around the corner in 2016!!




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