5 Cool Reasons to Study at Yale


Like you really need a reason. . . Here’s 5 Cool Reasons to Study at Yale! 

1. The History 

Est. 1701 Yale is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. 

2. Exclusive

Yale admittance rate is 6.7% (2015). Only the best study here! 

3. Academics

Yale ranks highly as one of the best colleges: #12th World University Rankings, # 5th US College Rankings  (Times Higher Edu)

Yale Campus
Yale Campus

4. Famous Alumni 

Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Nathan Hale, Eli Whitney… to name a few cool alumni !

Which Ivy League?

5. The Campus 

yale peabodyGothic architecture has allowed for many to tout this school for having some of the most beautiful buildings of any campus nationwide. The fact that it is in New Haven, Connecticut isn’t so bad considering your only 90 minutes from New York.

Yale is pretty cool actually !


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