5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Stanford Over An Ivy League School

Stanford Ivy League
Stanford Football

You will make more money

According to Payscale.com Stanford graduates make an average of $62,900 coming out of college, and $126,400 as a mid career salary. That mid career and entry level salary is more than every single Ivy League school.

Stanford Ivy League


Is Stanford Ranked Higher Than The Ivy League Schools?

If you are a rankings whore than Stanford is the school for you. It is ranked by US News & World Report as the 4th best national university, 4th best value school, and the top business school in the country. Additionally of all the subsections which US News & World Report ranks schools not one of their undergraduate programs falls out of the top 10. Additionally out of the 39 graduate schools rankings only 4 fall out of the top 10.

If you are interested in a tech path

Stanford Tech Tatoo

Stanford is renowned for both their engineering and programs as related to computer science. It is ranked by US News & World Report as the 2nd best engineering program in the country behind only MIT. It is also ranked 2n in the Computer category which combines factions of the electrical engineering track as well as the computer science track. Also its campus is within a 20 mile radius of 32 Fortune 1000 companies all with needs for high skilled employees with a strong pedigree in STEM.


The Northeast has cold winters, mild falls, and continuously questionable weather in the springtime. Stanford’s campus may not enjoy the foliage of some of the Ivy League’s most beautiful campuses, but it most assuredly provides a brighter existence throughout the course of the year. According to a San Francisco tourist website the Greater San Fran area has an average yearly low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit. 46 degrees? That is April in the Northeast right now!

Stanford Campus

Football Tailgates

Stanford Tri Deltas Tailgate

The Harvard-Yale football tailgate may be an insane event, but that is one time per year. There are at least six Saturdays per Fall that Silicon Valley’s finest get to party, and enjoy top notch football.


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