7 Reasons Your Roommate Should Be A BFF!

Cornell Freshmen
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One of the greatest mysteries of being a freshman is meeting your new roommate. Will you be instant BFF’s  or will you be arch enemies and not see eye to eye on anything? The possibilities are endless, you may not even come from the same country, but despite whether you like your roommate or not, there are some very unexpected reasons to make them your new BFF. Even if you can’t go as far as BFF you should make a little effort to be friends for the following 7 reasons. They will surprise you.


1. They could help you out in a sticky situation

Ever been locked out of your room in just your underwear? Your roommate can open the door for you and not really care that your practically naked, this scenario might sound ridiculous but it can happen. Trust me.

2. Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on 

During a semester you don’t know what can happen, sometimes you just need some support and some unbiased advice if you have a relationship breakup, or fail an exam.

3. Everyone needs a wingman when the weekend comes

Heading out to a bar to hopefully meet the man or women of your dreams is just easier with a wingman by your side. Socialising with your roommate could introduce you to people you might have never meet otherwise.princeton frat

4. Need a tutor the night before the exam?

Lets admit it sometimes our roommate might not be as attractive as us, but damn they know algebra better than you will ever. The night before a tricky exam when your cramming the study, and you realise that you missed the class you should have gone to during O’week. Its likely your roommate will show you how to solve it.

5. They might just save your damn life

Emergencies do happen. It’s likely your room-mate will save you if you sleep through the fire alarm, or if you slip in the shower, perhaps this is the best reason to be BFF’s right!Stethoscope

6. Friends = more fun

Everything is more fun when you do it with a BFF! Even boring things like cleaning your apartment or walking to the supermarket together.


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7. Life is just easier with a new BFF

Need your roommate to turn down their music because its interfering with your sleep schedule?  or do you want to use the shower at exactly the same time every morning? Its way easier to communicate with a BFF so you get what you want and your life is just easier.



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