5 Reasons Why Princeton Is The Best Ivy

Princeton Flag
Princeton Flag

1. Party Hard

“The Street” is the place to party and socialize. The eating clubs replace fraternities and sororities as the University does not officially recognize any frat or sorority on Princeton’s campus.

Princeton Lawnparty

These eating clubs are more badass than any frat or sorority on many other Ivy campuses because they have Lawnparties which have led to them hiring the likes of Rihanna, Maroon 5, and Wiz Khalifa to play.

2. Number One, Number One!!

2014-2015 US News & World Report ranked Princeton University as the number ONE undergraduate school in the country!

princeton graduation
FitzRandolph Gate

There were a myriad of factors for this, but among the highlights which stood out from the abundance of impressive statistics were the 6:1 Student-Faculty ratio, 71% of Classes with fewer than 20 students, and an average freshmen retention rate of 98%.

3. Exceptional Value

It’s not only the best, but it’s also the least expensive. According to the same 2014-2015 US News & World Report aforementioned, Princeton is the cheapest Ivy League school to attend for the 2014-2015 school year with a tuition of $41,820.

So not only are you getting the most for your money, but you’re getting it at less of a price.

4. Make It Rain

As of June 2014, Princeton’s endowment reached $21 billion. God knows what they’re going to do with that much money, but one can assume they will reinvest in broadening their campus, building new buildings, updating old ones, expanding philanthropy, and globalizing the Princeton brand in order to seize complete world domination.

Okay, maybe not word domination, but with $21 billion who knows what Princeton is truly capable of throughout the course of the next ten years.


5. Taking Care of Millennials

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PHUNNY x Kidrobot

Princeton graduates command the highest entry salary in the entire Ivy League, according to a 2014-2015 College Salary Report, with $60,000. (See our article on Ivy League graduate salaries here).

Cheers from Millenials everywhere. A school that is offering the highest rated education at a comparatively low market cost!

That sounds like a winning recipe to earn the distinction as the best Ivy League school.


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