5 Crazy Reasons to Apply to Northwestern


Choosing where to study can be a daunting task, and it’s a good idea to apply to a number of different colleges to keep your options open. Here’s 5 crazy reasons why you should consider Northwestern! Like you need a reason…


1. Beautiful Campus 

Northwestern has two main campuses Evanston & Chicago.  With a 240-acre campus in Evanston on the shore of Lake Michigan. Students can enjoy a student town vibe@  lifestyle in Evanston while still being close to a city (Chicago).

2. Top Ranking College 

Northwestern is ranked highly as one of the top colleges in the US:

  • #2oth World University # =13th US Colleges (Times Higher Edu) 
  •  # 10 Law school, #17 Medical school (US News & World Report)

3. A leading Business School 

Northwestern has a top ranked business school ‘Kellogg school of Management’ .

# 5 Business School (US News & World Report)

4. Study Abroad, See the World 

Northwestern offers a range of Study Abroad program for undergraduates, it prioritizes international study for students, and  700+ undergraduates study abroad every year.

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5. 12 Schools

A diverse range of schools and majors are available at Northwestern. 500 + student clubs, sounds fun!


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