Philly’s EDM Nightlife Part 1

Hacienda DJ Booth

After recently reading a review from CBS on the top EDM nightclub options in Philadelphia I felt it was necessary to add some clarification to the botchery that was the article
CBS Philly EDM Nightlife Certainly, Philly’s electronic nightlife scene is booming, but not all the places catering to such a taste were created equal.

Lit Ultrabar
460 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 600-3601

Lit was named one of the best bars in Philly in the aforementioned article. Sorry CBS, but the Trestle Inn will always and forever be the greatest bar in Philly. Don’t know why? Get on the dance floor and groove to some funky deep and you’ll get the idea. Anyway, back to Lit. Yes this place may get some decent electronic acts, most recently DJ Michael Myers who throws down at Soundgarden often (although, if his Facebook is any clue to his thoughts he thinks Rumor is the epitome of Philadelphia nightlife. Bummer dude). In any case, Lit’s horrendous sound system that produces shaky bass and unbalanced high range squeals is sure to give your eardrums auditory cancer.

Go if: Your favorite electronic act happens to be passing through it’s doors.

Stay away if: You value your ear’s auditory functionality.


1500 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 988-0777

Rumor does indeed have two dance floors and a VIP area, along with a bar tucked away in an old bank vault. It also has $8 bottles of water and cover charges that range from twenty to forty five dollars. Unless your trust fund has room to spare over your ludicrous college expenses, you may want to party elsewhere. Furthermore, while Rumor occasionally plays host to big acts such as Kaskade and Tritonal, it more often than not is a spot for local DJ’s to do their thing. Rumor’s sound system is also quite good, but it’s lacking on space and occasionally leaves you with less than an inch to spare between yourself and the nearest Guido.

Go if: You want to have a fancy night doing Molly in the private bathrooms.

Stay away if: You want to rage in a T-Shirt.


SoundGarden Hall
520 N. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(847) 268-8331

SoundGarden Hall consistently receives some top names in the EDM landscape. Myon and Shane, Sander van Doorn, and Seven Lions have each made multiple stops at the venue in the past year. The 18+ shows are often flooded with Kandy wearing, serotonin-surplussed raver-animal hybrids but most of the time the crowed is respectful and generally positive. The true magic of SoundGarden comes alive on its newly introduced Hacienda nights. Hacienda provides a 21+ atmosphere that is both more intimate and in an area that recently received a serious sound system upgrade. Oh, and the shows go on until 4:00 A.M. which is a welcome addition to the cities few offerings in regard to late night, electronically enhanced, partying.

Go if: You want to get down and dirty to some deep house.

Stay away if: You would rather go to Rumor and get extra fancy.

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