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20 Best Colleges 2018 – U.S. News

Discover the 20 Best Colleges for 2018!

U.S. News & World 2018 Report have just released its best colleges! How did your university perform? Who got the number one position? Read on to find out…

The Ivy League is well represented in the top 20, plus schools that are considered elite or prestigious. Read our fast & easy college guides below to discover information like : rankings, tuition, student reviews, & location. Save time for college planning. Order this Jets hoodie and look great *advertisement

Lets get started, here are the Top 20 US Best Colleges 2018!

#1 Princeton University

Click here to read our PRINCETON guide!


Princeton Campus
Princeton Campus


#2 Harvard University

Click here to read our HARVARD guide<<

#3 University of Chicago

Click here to learn more about UCHICAGO<<

#3 Yale University

Fast & Easy guide to YALE click here!

#5 Columbia University

Learn more about applying to COLUMBIA click here!

#5 MIT

Fast & Easy MIT guide click here<<<

#5 Stanford University 

Click here to read our fast & easy guide to STANFORD!
Stanford Campus

#8 University of Pennsylvania 

Click and read our FAST & EASY guide to UPENN<<<<

#9 Duke University

Read our Fast & Easy guide to DUKE, click here<<<

#10 California Institute of Technology

Read our Fast & Easy guide to CalTech, click here<<<




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#11 Dartmouth University 

Click to read our DARTMOUTH guide<<

#11 Johns Hopkins University

Learn about JOHNS HOPKINS with our guide, click here!

#11 Northwestern University

Fast guide to NORTHWESTERN click here!

#14 Brown University

Read our students review of BROWN click here!

#14 Cornell University 

Click here to read our CORNELL guide! Sage Chapel, Cornell.
Credit: Alex

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#14 Rice University

#14 Vanderbilt University

#18 University of Notre Dame

#18 Washington University in St Louis

#20 Georgetown University

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Congrats to Princeton in pole position.. Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) soon to be the worlds first Trillionaire also studied at Princeton… coincidence perhaps?

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Source : US News & World Report

Twitter Frat Party !

8 Best Ivy League Meme Groups 2017

There’s one thing almost every Ivy League college needs for 2017: a Facebook meme group!

The meme trend has swept the campuses of Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Penn, Yale, UCLA, USC, Dartmouth … Some FB meme groups boast 40,000+ followers, drawing in a wider audience! But why are college memes suddenly so popular?

The groups allow freshmen to make friends, communicate and share contextual memes about specific colleges & the Ivy League Lifestyle!  Memes about the Ivy League are also another way for students to make fun of rival schools… Like Harvard making fun of Yale. School rivalry isn’t exactly new to the Ivy League.Facebook Creeping

Here’s a list of some of the best Ivy League meme groups:

Harvard’s Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens, Dartmouth’s Dartmouth Memes for Cold AF Teens, UCLA’s UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens, University of Southern California’s USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-teens, University of Chicago’s UChicago Memes for Theoretical Midwest Teens, Duke’s Duke Memes for Gothicc Teens, Yale’s Yale Memes for Special Snowflake Teens, Brown’s Brown Dank Stash of Memes for Unproductive Teens and more.

Comment below if you think the college lifestyle and memes are a match made in heaven!

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TOP 10! World University Rankings 2018

Discover the Top 1o University Rankings 2018!

Times Higher Education World University Rankings have been released. The Ivy League universities once again feature in the top 10! But some just missed out… Here are the latest TOP 1O World University Rankings 2018:

1) University of Oxford

Oxford University.

2) University of Cambridge

=3) California Institute of Technology

Read our fast guide to California Institute of Technology. Get fast facts..

=3) Stanford University

Read our fast guide to STANFORD!

5) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Read our MIT Guide. Click here!

6) Harvard University

Harvard Yard
Click here to read our Harvard Guide!

7) Princeton University

Discover our Fast Guide on Princeton , click here!

8) Imperial College London

9) University of Chicago

Read our University of Chicago guide! Click image.

=10) University of Pennsylvania

Learn more about UPENN click to read our fast guide!

=10) ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

UPENN climbed from 13th position in 2017 to make the top 10, while University of Chicago improved one position higher from 2017, otherwise there was not much movement in the top 10 university rankings. Congrats to the TOP 10! Did your school make it? Comment below.

#NOTE: Here’s how the rest of the Ivy League performed:

12) Yale

14) Columbia 

19) Cornell 

=50) Brown

89) Dartmouth

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(Source: T H E)

Harvard Legacy Numbers Class 2021

The Ivy League schools are elite, but a recent report by the Harvard Crimson has revealed just how big a part legacies play in getting accepted to Harvard, the most prestigious college in the world!


About 30% of Harvard College’s class of 2021 has some sort of familial connection to the school, such as a parent, grandparent or other relative who attended the college, according to a survey of the class conducted by the school’s student newspaper.

(Source: Harvard Crimson )

The Ivy League and other elite schools continue to cater to wealthy and advantaged students.

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8 Best Paid Jobs For College Graduates

Snapchat as a study guide.

Ever wondered what the 8 best paid jobs for college graduates are? College graduates are not all the same, some are destined for riches while others may languish in student loan debt.  Here are the 8 best paid jobs post graduation . .. the results will surprise you!  (source: careercast )

8. Pharmaceutical Representative 

What you can expect to make: $59,000

7. Financial Analyst 

What you can expect to make: $66,000

6. Internet Marketer

What you can expect to make: $67,000

5. Network Systems Admin

What you can expect to make: $69,000

4. Engineer 

What you can expect to make: $72,000

3. Actuary 

What you can expect to make: $79,000

2. Software Developer

What you can expect to make: $84,000


1. Investment Banker

Make money by studying in the Ivy League

What you can expect to make: $112,000

The number #1 position is no surprise . . . Wallstreet is still the winner for college graduates!

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Student Loan Debt Hits $1.3 Trillion

Student debt is a huge problem which is only growing. Here are some facts on the size of the student loan problem!

Nationwide, student loan debt impacts  more than 44 million borrowers, who owe about $1.3 trillion, according to a survey by LendEDU, a private firm that links students with student loans and loan refinancing.

Pennsylvania had the dubious distinction of placing first in the state breakdowns at $35,185, up 1.9 percent from last year.

The worst debt-ridden college graduates last year were the ones to emerge from Indiana’s Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a small private college  focused in  engineering, math and science, where 2016 graduates owe an average of $59,113.

Does your student debt keep you awake at night? comment below, like @ share ! thanks


Source: New York Post. 

10 Summer Ivy League Photos

Ivy League colleges are some of the most spectacular and oldest colleges ever built. Here’s a collection of 10 perfect summer ivy league photos, also includes commencement photos Class of 2017. Courtesy of the following Instagram accounts: Harvard, Upenn, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Penn & Columbia.
Which is your favourite Summer Ivy League Photo?

Can’t hide the beauty of Penn’s campus. #Penn

A post shared by University of Pennsylvania (@uofpenn) on

“Summer Nights” #Princetagram by @danielgalastro

A post shared by Princeton University (@princeton_university) on

#Princeton17 marching in their first P-rade! #PrincetonReunions 🐯

A post shared by Princeton University (@princeton_university) on

Branford College courtyard at sunset. #Yale #sunset

A post shared by Yale (@yale) on



Sage Chapel framed by a canopy of shade #Cornell #CornellSummer #architecture

A post shared by Cornell University (@cornelluniversity) on


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