Avoid These Cashflow Mistakes


It’s easy to make money mistakes especially if you’re a Millennial. The economy has been tough and asset prices are expensive. According to a recent news article by CNBC: Millenials think they’re more financially savvy then they actually are!  Here’s 4 money mistakes to avoid:

1 Blowing the Budget

Stick to your budget so you keep on track for financial success.

2. Too Much Debt 

A mortgage that is too big for you to pay back could end in disaster if prices crash again (circa 2008).

3.Watch out for Credit 

Paying excessive interest rates on your credit card can set you back.

4. Spending Too Much 

Avoid spending on the stuff you don’t really need and try and save more!

Avoid these 4 common pitfalls for Millennials and get on a path to  financial success.

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NOTE: This article is not financial advice. See our disclaimer page.




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