Ivy League Drug & Alcohol Arrests: The Results May Surprise You

Ivy League Party
Ivy League Party

Below is an assembly of statistics based off of arrests made at Ivy League campuses from 2011-2013 as related to weapons, alcohol, and drug related incidents. This summary of information has provided us with a lot of useful insight, and much of it may be surprising to you.

The tables are provided just below, and keep scrolling for a summary based on each Ivy League school.

Alcohol Arrests

Alcohol Related Arrests 2013 2012 2011
University of Pennsylvania 38 2 6
Dartmouth University 125 15 60
Brown University 0 1 0
Cornell University 51 12 9
Harvard University 7 9 4
Yale University 53 91 64
Columbia University 0 0 0
Princeton University 2 5 17

Drug Related Arrests

Drug Related Arrests 2013 2012 2011
University of Pennsylvania 31 32 16
Dartmouth University 31 25 19
Brown University 0 6 0
Cornell University 34 28 43
Harvard University 8 21 10
Yale University 44 54 14
Columbia University 1 0 1
Princeton University 14 20 6


Weapons: carrying, possessing, etc. Arrests

Weapons: carrying, possessing, etc. Arrests 2013 2012 2011
University of Pennsylvania 5 2 5
Dartmouth University 0 0 9
Brown University 0 0 0
Cornell University 2 7 9
Harvard University 0 1 0
Yale University 3 8 8
Columbia University 0 0 0
Princeton University 0 1 0

Columbia University

Columbia, within all three categories, throughout all three years posted a whopping total of two arrests. Holy s@*#!

Two arrests. Out of 4,500 undergraduate students.

Either Columbia students defy the Law of Undergraduate where many students experiment with a variety of recreational substances, and enjoy the autonomy to drink outside of their parent’s garages as they used to do in high school, or coming to Columbia  allows one  to get away with much crazier behavior than Justin Bieber because of the lack of enforcement.

Justin Bieber Ivy League
Justin Bieber Parties Hard

Cornell University

Cornell had 51 alcohol related arrests. That is more than double the amount from 2012 and 2011 collectively. That type of sudden crack down could give some incoming freshmen a panic because if arrests continue to exponentially grow at this rate they will be locking up 200 students by the time 2015 is over.

As unlikely as this is we just wanted to point out the severity of the sudden increase in arrests here.

Ronald McDonald Cornell University
Cornell Hates Ronald McDonald

Even Ronald McDonald has started to get arrested on Cornell’s campus.

Yale University

Yale University takes the cake as the campus you would least like to go to if you would like to get away with drinking on or off campus, and be provided the safe context to be able to experiment with whatever you would like to do recreationally. Yale boasts the second highest number of alcohol related arrests and the highest drug related arrests.

A scarier statistic is that they had the most amount of weapons charges between 2011-2013 in the whole Ivy League. I guess there are more Jamie Kennedy’s from Malibu’s Most Wanted on Campus than Yale would like to admit.

Malibu's Most Wanted Yale University
I Own Old Campus Courtyard

Dartmouth College

If you want to get away with taking drugs,  drinking, and the shenanigans that both often lead to, than you should avoid Dartmouth College at all costs. In 2013 this school raked in more alcohol related arrests than all other Ivy League schools combined. Also, they have recently banned hard alcohol in an attempt to mitigate all poor choices which come from the overindulgence of alcohol during your formative undergraduate years.

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PHUNNY x Kidrobot
Dartmouth Student Arrested
Dartmouth Student Arrested courtesy: thedartmouth.com

One of Dartmouth’s officials, Amy Olson, stated in a USA Today article in reaction to the ban on hard alcohol as an opportunity to provide “substantial reduction in consumption and many fewer negative consequences, like sexual assaults, missed classes, regretted actions and hangovers.” I’m pretty sure that no matter what you do all 19 year old’s on any campus are going to choose to consume a copious amount of alcohol which would kill even the most social 25 year old. In any case,  it is those experiences which help develop an individual.

Prohibition never worked, and neither will this ban. Additionally it will just cause an increase to the statistics provided above. Upon entering undergraduate school if you would still like the American right of freedom to drink what you want, when you want, then attending Dartmouth may not be a good choice.

Brown University

Brown University has long been known as the Ivy you go to if you would like to experiment with substances. However, what no one has told you previously is that Brown University is also where savviest and most street smart students go. This is because even with a connotation of having a more rampant drug culture in comparison to other Ivy League schools Brown has only seen seven students arrested within the last three years for either a drug or alcohol related offense.

Bruce Jenner Wheaties Box
Bruce Jenner Demonstrates His Masculinity

This means that Brown students are better at hiding their extracurricular activities than Bruce Jenner at hiding his gender preferences all these years.

University of Pennsylvania

With the reputation Penn has as being the “social” Ivy it is no wonder that they have some arrests for both alcohol and drug related incidents. However when you calculate these arrests per 1,000 students Penn ranks towards the lowest of the bunch. With Penn growing in popularity-given its distinction as the top party school in America by Playboy- they are at the forefront of the drug scene and provide widespread access too booze given the prevalence of Greek life, and off campus housing.

upenn frat

Going to Penn gives you the highest likelihood of being able to have the most kick ass time in college while also giving you one of the smallest chances to get in trouble for your debauchery.

Princeton University

What is going on at Princeton? Although historically Princeton has never been the most liberal or progressive it seems as though they are beginning to turn a blind eye towards alcohol related infractions. They are the only school on the list where alcohol related arrests went down each year. Aside from Brown or Columbia, Princeton is where you would want to attend to have the best chance to get away with extracurricular activities.

princeton frat

Looks like all the frat boys on Princeton’s campus can let out a sigh of relief.

Harvard University

This might be the only thing that Harvard University is average at in comparison to all of the other Ivy League schools. In both alcohol and drug related arrests Harvard fell within reason by not being on either end of these polarizing statistics.

Harvard Students
Harvard Students Displaying Their Pride

As such Harvard University takes its classification of mediocrity with relation to these statistics with pride.

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*Each year every school within the Ivy League, and around the country for that matter, have to release data related to a myriad of incidents related to their student population. The US Department of Education then has to publish these statistics so that they become public knowledge. All of the statistics provided can be verified using this link: http://ope.ed.gov/Security/ as well as http://collegedata.com/.


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