Ivy League Diet



The copious amount of alcohol is not just restricted to the frat brothers and sorority sisters in the Ivy League, but consumed by 85% of the campus.

At the University of Pennsylvania that number is a bit lighter as a pilot study, 39 percent of students said they use alcohol or other recreational drugs to combat stress. Those are just the ones who admit to it in a study, I wonder how many more there really are?

  1. Caffeine

Who doesn’t love a great Starbucks kick as a pick me to carry you throughout the cold, Winter days on our glistening Northeast campuses?

  1. Junk Food

Cheetos. Doritos, Lays, Fritos, and whatever other candy, gummy, or chip concoction that can be found to help get through binge nights of studying to supplement the time spent partying on the weekend.

  1. Tobacco

Does much more need to be said here? Who could survive the stressors of school without a great late night cigarette!


That my friends is the Ivy League Diet .


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