5 Insane Reasons to Apply to Harvard


5 Insane Reasons to Apply to Harvard! If you need a reason to apply to one of the best colleges ever…

  1. Historic 
Harvard MBA

Established in 1636. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the US! Named for its first benefactor, John Harvard of Charlestown.

2. Beautiful 

Harvard Yard!

The University allows students to enjoy a majestic campus experience within the confines of the campus, but also allow for the students to dive into the wonderful nightlife at the heart of Boston.

3. Exclusive 

Harvard is exclusive! If you don’t like being the smartest person in the class then Harvard is where you should probably apply… Admittance rate is (5% ), with an average acceptance HS GPA of 4.17. Reason enough to consider early action!

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4. Academics

Harvard is one of the finest academic colleges on the planet (if not the finest). It often ranks at the top in international comparisons:

  • #3 QS World University Rankings, # 1 QS WU Subject: Accounting & Finance. #6 World University Rankings (Times Higher Edu), #6 US College Rankings (Times Higher Edu).
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5. Famous Alumni 

Mark Zuckerberg

Studying at Harvard means keeping good company!  Famous Harvard Alumni include: Mark Zuckerberg (drop out), Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, John F. Kennedy, John Adams.. to name just a few amazing alumni.

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