Guide For High School Students For College


Getting into the college of your dreams is entirely possible, but it takes some work to make it a reality. Here’s a quick guide for college admissions for senior year high school students.

1. The Admissions Essay & Personal Statement

The admissions essay & personal statement can make your application standout from the crowd. Don’t underestimate the importance of putting together a good admissions essay and personal statement, this is an opportunity to show your worth. Don’t forget to mention your extracurricular activities and avoid poor grammar which could ruin your chances of getting into a top college!

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2. Plan Your High School Curriculum in Advance

Here’s a list of general high school courses recommended for college bound students. Having completed the necessary courses during high school makes your college admissions easier.

English – 4 or more years
Mathematics – 3 or more years
Science – 3 or more years
Social Sciences – 3 or more years
Foreign Language – 2 or more years of the same language

3. Junior & Senior Year Grades Matter

Colleges will place more emphasis on your junior & senior year grades when considering your application, so its important to try and achieve A’s or B’s in your junior & senior year across the courses mentioned above.

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