For $12,397 You Can Live Out the Fifty Shades Sex Experience

50 Shades of Grey

Ladies (and gentleman), listen up because we have a spectacular opportunity for you.

According to, for a meager $12,397 you can “live a weekend with Christian.” The FiftyShadesExperience website goes on to boldly state the following directions for potential clients:

Step down from the helicopter. Christian will lead you to the Red Room. The rest is your secret.

That’s right, you read that correctly: Step down from the helicopter. Does this mean that you will actually get to fly around in a motherfucking helicopter? Apparently so, as part of the purchase agreement includes a helicopter flight around your choice of either Los Angeles or New York City.

Fifty Shades Sex Experience

Once you’ve received confirmation of your booking, you will be able to select your own “Christian” from a selection of experienced BDSM dominant artists. Now, what is really interesting here is that potential customers will not be able to see the selection of so-called BDSM experts before they bust out their platinum credit card. Interesting marketing strategy.

Now, before any “play” can happen, you must sign the Dominant – Submissive Contract — a binding contract (literally) that allows you and “Christine” to live out BDSM practices in the Red Room of Pain for a weekend. Tantalizing.

Sadly, due to “great demand there is a waiting list for the Fifty Shades Experience. There are available bookings from April on.” Bummer.

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