“Fat Shaming” Incident At The Prestigious Bryn Mawr College

Fat Shaming Meme
Fat Shaming Meme

According to many sources Bryn Mawr College sent out an email in recent months targeting students with a high “BMI” in order to enroll them into a fitness program being launched as an initiative by the school. For those of you who do not know what BMI stands for it is “body mass index”, and allows healthcare professionals to classify people into categories of obesity.

Bryn Mawr College representatives have claimed that their intentions were good and they were trying to help their student body, not hurt them. However one student, Rudrani Sarma took to Facebook to air her displeasure by pointing out that the “fit” connotation is one which is subjective to one’s self, and not by a governing institution.

Rudrani Sarma Message to Bryn Mawr College

In our opinion a school has no right to use confidential health information to target certain students. Starting a “get fit” initiative is an admirable program, but to only send emails to students with a classification of having a high BMI is not right. Rather allow students based off their own perceptions to matriculate to a program like this. If the program is truly beneficial then it will exponentially grow each semester as students see their friends becoming healthier.

What are your thoughts on what took place at Bryn Mawr College?

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