10 Weird Ivy League Facts !


You Probably Didn’t Know This About Your School! 10 Weird Ivy League Facts…

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1) It is a tradition to throw toast on the field during all football games played at home. This tradition dates back to prohibition when the school banned alcohol. The school fight song, “Here’s a toast to dear old Penn,” was taken a bit more literally back then.

2) The first general-purpose electronic computer was born in 1946 at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering.

3) Donald Trump, Tory Burch, Noam Chomsky, John Legend, and the current president of Harvard are all Penn Alumni.

Which Ivy League?


1) In Autumn freshman and sophomores compete in Cane Spree, where a student from each year will grapple for control of a cane. The purpose of this strange tradition comes from an event in 1870 where sophomores took all of the freshmans  fancy canes and beat them with them.

2)  Almost half of renters in Princeton pay over 30% of their monthly salary on housing costs.

3) Intellectuals that researched at or attended Princeton include Albert Einstein, John F. Nash, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.


1) The first Chinese graduate of a Western institution came to Yale in 1850.

2)  Yale’s library contains over 15 million volumes of work.

3)  In 2014, Yale accepted the lowest number of applicants out of all the Ivy League Universities at 6.26%.



1) The Annmary Brown Library is actually a tomb for Rush Hawkins and Annmary Brown Hawkins (well the Library does look like a tomb right?). Every year on March 9th the tomb is decorated with flowers to commemorate Annmary Brown’s birthday.

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2) There’s a rumor that a girl who steps on the imprinted seal on the stairs at pembroke campus will get pregnant while at brown.


1) There are six students for every member of faculty on campus. One of the lowest student/teacher ratios in the United States.

2) Columbia was originally known  as King’s College after its founder, King George II of England.

3) The country’s oldest student-run gay rights group was founded at Columbia in 1966.




1) More than 50% of Dartmouth students participate in study abroad programs. Of this, 25% go to the great land of North Korea to play basketball with Kim Jung-un and Dennis Rodman.

2)  Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) was a member of the Dartmouth class of 1925. He was busted for illegal drinking and had to adopt the Seuss pen name to continue working on his humor magazine.

3) Dartmouth does not have an official mascot, but does have an anthropomorphic beer keg that has become a big part of their culture. See:

Ivy League Party
Ivy League Party

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1) In his dorm room at Harvard, Theodore Roosevelt kept a small collection of pets that including lobsters, snakes, and a tortoise.


circa 1880

2) While not having the lowest acceptance rate out of the Ivy Leagues, Harvard did have the lowest total number of students accepted. 2,023 people were accepted to follow John Harvard the Pilgrim (quite possibly the most boring university mascot), into their educations futures.

3) Harvard has the largest financial endowment of any education institution in the world.  At $36.4 billion dollars, the endowment is worth more than half the worlds economies.



1) Students celebrate Dragon Day every year in March. Architecture students build a dragon and then the entire school sets it on fire.

2) Cornell students play human chess.


3) The amount of time spent involved in the above activity is inversely proportional to the amount of time you can expect to have a female next to you.

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