6 Reasons to Feel Ivy League Envy


What are some of the reasons people feel jealous about the Ivy Leagues? Are there advantages about going to an Ivy League school that make people jealous?


Here’s 6 reasons you might just feel some Ivy League Envy, because apparently it’s a thing.

1.You got rejected ! One reason a person might feel envious is they got rejected and had to attend a lower tier college instead because let’s face it you weren’t exactly smart enough, ouch sometimes reality bites. But is an Ivy League education really better? Comment below…Girls who play chess

2.Ivy League graduates earn more than you!  There’s been numerous studies of graduates from the Ivy Leagues earning more money post graduation than any other graduate on the planet.princeton-cashmoney

3.Hedge Funds prefer to hire from Ivy League schools!  A recent study by Institutional Investor’s found Ivy League graduates are most in demand on Wall street, making them the envy of all other aspiring hedge fund hopefuls without an Ivy League degree.sports betting and gambling

4.Fast route to the Oval Office! If you want to be the next president then odds are that you will want to have an Ivy League education. Frontrunners for the nomination both went to Ivy League schools . Trump (Penn), Clinton (Yale), not to mention Obama(Princeton)  plus many more.Which Ivy League?

5. Networking / Social lifestyle! You will be the envy of all your friends who didn’t go to an Ivy League school.Cornell Chess

Have you seen this viral article ? 10 Places that Prove Cornell is the Prettiest Ivy 

6.Stunning campus scenery & History! It’s hard not to feel envious about the beautiful campuses and history. Unless off course your lucky enough to be an Ivy League student. Statue of Ben Franklin at the University of Pennsylvania

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