Friday, October 20, 2017
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Tinder Confessions is an area where random Ivy League students submit confessions based off their experiences using dating app Tinder, and all of their individual identity will be kept anonymous as only the school it is submitted from will show.

Grandpa Tinder Date

Grandpa Gets On Tinder

Bold move, sir.
Here is are some reasons why I am not texting you back.

8 Reasons I’m Not Texting You Back

1. I'm bored. Source: sefazdeamiga Maybe the truth hurts, or maybe we've simply been texting for too long. Either way, I'm getting bored. We haven't met...

5 Excuses You’re Making To Not Go Out (But Why You Should Anyway)

1. You have utilized every single piece of clothing in your possession and desperately need to get laundry done. Why this doesn’t matter: Leggings can...

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