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6 Reactions Only Guys Who Use Tinder Will Understand

1. When her bio claims something to the effect of “my friends made this Tinder account for me.”


Sure they did, sweetheart. Is that also why you were active less than 1 minute ago?

2. When you see someone who you share 10+ mutual friends with.


Thanks, but no thanks.

3. When you accidentally swipe left and she’s a 10.


We’ve all been there and committed some self-loathing for a couple of minutes.

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4. When a seemingly innocent cutie messages you first and turns out to be a spam bot.


If it’s too good to be true on Tinder, it probably is.

5. When she adds you on Facebook and you find out she has been using very “selective” photos to enhance her subpar physical features.


You ain’t foolin’ nobody.

6. When your newest match messages you and just says “hey.”


I’m not looking for a paragraph, but damn, step your game up, girl.


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7 Everyday /*/ College Apps

Here’s our list of 7 coolest college apps. Apps which are essential for making daily college life   better. The apps we have featured cover everything from social networking, to messaging, dating and coffee. These 7 apps might surprise you.

***Social & Messaging ***



Snapchat, is the hottest social media app since Facebook, the best part is your messages vanish so no need to worry about your ex blackmailing you, phew.



Yik Yak, is an anonymous location-based chat app, which is also targeted at college students.


credit: tinder

hey text message


College is the best time to meet your future spouse. Tinder is a dating app, it uses a hot-or-not model of favoriting or tossing out matches.

Want some tinder dating advice? Further reading: 8 Reasons I’m Not Texting You Back



See somebody you like on the train home from college? Want to get to know them a little more… This app connects you with people close by, when two people mutually opt in by swiping right, you’ve made a  new connection.



Transparent dating app for bold people who don’t think anonymous dating apps are cool. You must use your real name, and then your photos are used from Facebook, plus it also automatically adds your college and workplace…

***For Your Convenience***


Starbucks app

If your studying all night you might want to pop into Starbucks for a strong coffee, you can use the Starbucks app to pay for your coffee, plus get special offers.

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Did we miss your favourite college app? Let us know in the comments below..

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If Hogwarts Houses Were Ivy League Schools

Harry Potter

Warning: this article contains stereotypes of university students which may be offensive to people who can’t make fun of their own educational privilege.

Can Luke save his dog from a HUGE mistake? Recommended E-book $3.99. 

Hufflepuff: Cornell and Brown


You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil

When I think of someone from Hufflepuff, all I can picture in my head is a hippie stoner.


But actually, this house promotes some very good things that we all need in this world like hard work, tolerance, and the recreational use of marijuana  kindness.

Cornell and Brown would definitely be Hufflepuff.

Here’s why: Cornell’s history of social liberalism coupled with their unfortunate reputation of being the most “meh” Ivy make Cornellians the ideal Hufflepuffs. Not only that, Cornell prides itself for its diversity (tolerance), and many Cornellians claim that there is waay more workload at Cornell than at Harvard (hard work), which as we all know is Cornellians’ sad effort to compensate for their “worst Ivy” reputation. The cool thing about Cornell, however, is that their campus looks a lot like Hogwarts, with it near a lake and all that.

As for Brown, do you even NEED an explanation? Student activism, stereotype of student being lazy stoners, Brunonians’ laidback attitude, you name it. Brown is literally the real world manifestation of Hufflepuff. Fun fact: Emma Watson, aka Hermione Greanger, also went this school, which I guess should have made her a Hufflepuff. (Another fun fact: Watson graduated there in 2014 and became a kickass feminist, and also ironically every straight guys’ sexual awakening)

Ravenclaw : Yale and Columbia


Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

To me, Ravenclaw is home to the pretentious intellectuals of Hogwarts.

pretentious“I read Shakespeare when I poop”

Ravenclaw promotes values like intelligence, originality, and creativity; basically, values you’d need in order to be an insufferable hipster.

Yale and Columbia, who happen to share the same color blue for their school colors, would definitely be Ravenclaw.

Let’s face it okay, when you think about Yale, the first thing that  comes to your mind is most probably its almost too elitist academic excellence (and the second thing is probably its large gay population, but we love our gay men because this is 2015 and not 1955). Yale’s students are stereotyped to be smart, and more bookish than Harvard and Princeton, which I guess is a good thing to compensate the fact that Yaleies have to live in “the ghetto”.

On the other hand, Columbia students are known to be brooding cigarette smoking individualists, due to its predominantly urban culture. They are known to be smart hipsters who have left from their upper middle class suburban family to explore New York City in order to escape their white privilege and experience “the real world” to find the meaning of “it all”. Think of Luna Lovegood, but with more cigarettes and despair (and annoying Barnard girls running around her).

 Gryffindor: Penn and Dartmouth


You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart

Gryffindor is home to the cool kids who may or may not have some deep down insecurity issues.

images“OMG I LOVE YOU GUYSS!!!! <3 <3”

Gryffindor stands for courage, chivalry, and strong will. These are very good values to have when you want to get laid in college.

Penn and Dartmouth students are true Gryffindors.

Penn is known as the social ivy, and they actually deserve that title. Not only is their school located in Philadelphia, which is full of cool bars and good restaurants, they are also known for their Greek life and awesome party scene. But don’t be fooled; while Penn’s bros are sociable and fun, you’ll also find the ambitious kids from Wharton, who, tbh, remind me more of Slytherins with their ambition to be in Wall Street and what not. ugh.

Dartmouth, on the other hand, also has some pretty cool parties and good Greek life. I guess when you’re stuck in Hanover, there is nothing else you can do but party or smoke weed all day. Dartmouth has had some issues with assholes in the past, and these cases have mostly involved greek life . Well I guess, this isn’t too far off from some Gryffindors: if you really think about it, James Potter was really a big asshole, he probably would’ve been the perfect Dartmouth bro.


Slytherin: Harvard and Princeton


Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Welcome to Slytherin, home of the douchebags and the trust fund babies


The house stands for ambition, power and resourcefulness, which truly are the three main reasons we all go to an Ivy League.

Seriously, do I even have to explain how Harvard and Princeton are Slytherin?

Like come on, Harvard kids are literally the epitome of douchebaggery. Sure, some kids might just be the next Einstein, but many kids are in it simply because they’re legacies (like that lil bitch Draco Malfoy), and we know how douchy some of them can be. I have to give them a break, though. Perhaps, Harvard does take some of the world’s brightest minds, and not all legacies are bad; but since nobody else in the Ivies likes Harvard, as like nobody else in Hogwarts like Slytherins, let’s just pretend all Harvard kids are the douchiest of douche.

When it comes to Princeton. Three words: elitism, athletic snobbery, legacies. Plus, Slytherin is known for their respect for traditionalism and an “Ivory Tower” attitude. It just so happens that Princeton is THE definition of an Ivory Tower. Like.. seriously, Princeton is so detached from reality, it’s literally another universe on another dimension which common peasants won’t ever understand.

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5 Excuses You’re Making To Not Go Out (But Why You Should Anyway)


1. You have utilized every single piece of clothing in your possession and desperately need to get laundry done.


Why this doesn’t matter: Leggings can be worn at least 6 times before washing. Right?


2. It’s January and it’s cold.


Why this doesn’t matter: Really? What are you realistically going to do tonight? You’ll most likely be binge watching Netflix and checking your Tinder matches every 15 minutes. Go out and try to be a human being.


3. Your hookup wants to come over for a “movie night.”


Why this doesn’t matter: Well actually, it does, see movie night above!


4. You have that 10 page essay on Global Expansion after WWII due in 2 days.


Why this doesn’t matter: Are you kidding me? Two days, one hour is all you need  to write some shitty paper paraphrasing the benefits of capitalism taken directly from Wikipedia.


5. You’re really hungover and haven’t showered yet today.


Why this doesn’t matter: Don’t worry the bar is always going to smell worse than you do.