Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Party Confessions is a section for our users to share with us amusing confessions around the parties they have gone to both on and off campus in the Ivy League.

Craigslist ad; flipcup

Seahawks Fans Resort to Craigslist in Search of Flip Cup Opponents

Four thirsty "die-hard" tailgating hawks fans have reached out via craigslist in search of worthy opponents "to play a best of 7 world series...

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Facebook Buys Popular Teen App : TBH

Facebook has splashed out for a popular teen app called ,"TBH" (To Be Honest). Teens have been flocking to the app -- to participate in anonymous...

How To Cram For TESTS (SAT, ACT, Top 10%)

Want to know how the top 10% of test takers CRAM for TESTS? We hope this advice will help you with studying for the  New SAT...

Snap Inc Pops Up

The shares of Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP)have  recently popped higher! While recently the stock had underperformed investors expectations since the IPO. Shares of the Snapchat recently climbed to...