Discover the 20 Best Colleges for 2018!

U.S. News & World 2018 Report have just released its best colleges! How did your university perform? Who got the number one position? Read on to find out…

The Ivy League is well represented in the top 20, plus schools that are considered elite or prestigious. Read our fast & easy college guides below to discover information like : rankings, tuition, student reviews, & location. Save time for college planning. Order this Jets hoodie and look great *advertisement

Lets get started, here are the Top 20 US Best Colleges 2018!

#1 Princeton University

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Princeton Campus
Princeton Campus


#2 Harvard University

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#3 University of Chicago

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#3 Yale University

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#5 Columbia University

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#5 MIT

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#5 Stanford University 

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Stanford Campus

#8 University of Pennsylvania
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#9 Duke University

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#10 California Institute of Technology

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#11 Dartmouth University 

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#11 Johns Hopkins University

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#11 Northwestern University

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#14 Brown University

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#14 Cornell University 

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Credit: Alex

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#14 Rice University

#14 Vanderbilt University

#18 University of Notre Dame

#18 Washington University in St Louis

#20 Georgetown University

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Congrats to Princeton in pole position.. Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) soon to be the worlds first Trillionaire also studied at Princeton… coincidence perhaps?

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Source : US News & World Report

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