The 10 Best Colleges 2017

Harvard MBA
  1. University of Oxford, U.K.
  2. California Institute of Technology, U.S.
  3. Stanford University, U.S.
  4. University of Cambridge, U.K.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.
  6. Harvard University, U.S.
  7. Princeton University, U.S.
  8. Imperial College London, U.K.
  9. ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  10. University of California, Berkeley, U.S. and University of Chicago, U.S.

The U.S  is no longer the home of the best college, but rather Oxford University in the UK has been named the best university in the world in 2016,  according to the latest annual rankings of top universities by TimesHigherEducationWorldUniversityRankings.

The University of Oxford is now the best university in the world, beating out rivals such as Harvard, & Stanford. The U.S has 7 out of 10 of the top colleges however.

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Source: Times Higher Education


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