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8 Things Incoming Penn Freshmen Should Know

University of Pennsylvania Freshmen
  1. You can do anything, or go anywhere over the summer

    • Penn has specialized departments and employees who sole job is to match prospective organizations, companies, and even governments to providing internships to Penn students. The world is now your oyster, and you just need to take advantage of it.
University of Pennsylvania Internships
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  1. Competition

    • Everyone around you is going to be insanely competitive. You thought AP class in high school was bad? Try macroeconomics at the school of Wharton!
University of Pennsylvania Wharton Students
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  1. Do not ever go west of 52nd St

    • University City is a diverse neighborhood with tons of multiculturalism that embodies so much of the richness that can be found within Philly. It is also a short walk or ride to Center City (the heart of Philadelphia), the food is great, and everything can be found within a reasonable walk.  However west of 52nd is not a location you want to venture because it is beyond the reach of Penn’s security, and essentially ends the comfort zone which has been created for students.
University City University of Pennsylvania Freshmen
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  1. Your liver will hurt

    • The party scene at Penn is amazing. You can find a party nearly any night of the week. Tuesday Quizzo at Blarney’s, Wednesday Sink or Swim at Smoke’s, Thursday Frat Party, Friday Center City bar hopping, and Saturday a concert, or taking a quick drive down to AC. This is a typical week in the life of a Penn student, so gear up because Sundays should be for church and trying to save what is left of your vital organs.
  2. DevOps Online Training by Edureka

University of Pennsylvania Hungover Meme

  1. Blarney Stone & Smokey Joe’s

    • These two bars are pillars of nightlife on the Penn campus. This is especially true if you may be under 21, but looking for a place to go. Although recently they have gotten stricter with ID’s they certainly are not as tough to get into as some of the Center City bars of Philadelphia. Often you will also find yourself asking “Can I just sleep at Smoke’s because by the time I wake up I will need a pizza and have the urge to start drinking again?”
Smokey Joe's Upenn
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  1. The bars may close at 2am, but the dorms will be raging until at least 3 or 4am

    • Unfortunately the bars close at 2am in Philadelphia. However you can find students partying throughout the night, and this is especially true for the Quad which most Penn freshmen should choose to live in anyway.

Pen Quadrangle Party


  1. Greek Life Parties

    • Being in a Greek organization is not an absolute defining institution to having a great social life at Penn, but it does help. The mixers are epic, the parties are huge, and the alcohol is flowing. Not to mention the alumni from each Greek life organization are always looking to help a younger brother or sister get a leg up, so it may just score you the dream job you envision upon gaining your acceptance letter from Penn.
Penn Toga Party
Upenn Toga Party
  1. Most people you graduate with will immediately be moving to New York City

    • Philadelphia is a great city which starts to feel like home after four years of undergrad, but it simply does not have the appeal that New York City does. Not to mention that New York City is also the hub for the two F’s “Fashion & Finance”. Therefore many of your Penn colleagues, and possibly even yourself will be graduating into employment within the mecca of American society.

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10 Places that Prove Cornell is the Prettiest Ivy

Ithaca: 10 squared miles surrounded by reality, BECAUSE IT’S TOO PRETTY TO BE REAL.

10. Johnson Art Museum

Best time to be here: early fall. You can go to the 4th floor for a breathtaking view of Cornell and Ithaca, and relax at the sculpture terrace while enjoying the breezy air on your skin.

Best time to be here: mid-fall, when all the trees have blossomed with brown and red leaves, yet it’s still not too cold yet so you can sit down on the grass and enjoy the moment. You can also see the McGraw Tower and the statues of Ezra Cornell and A.D. White on the quad.

7. Uris Library

Best time to be here: any season, at night. There’s something really magical about Uris Library that can only be enjoyed at nighttime. A.D. White Library is also called the “Hogwarts Library” because of its design.

6. Willard Straight Hall

Best time to be here: late summer night. WSH is Cornell’s student union building, and it hosts several prominent places on campus such as the Memorial Hall, Cornell Cinema, and Oakenshield Dining Hall.

5. Cornell Law School 

Best time to be here: spring afternoon.The law school’s collegiate gothic architecture, the Hogwarts-like Cornell Law Library, and some afternoon spring rain will go very well together.

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4. West Campus Residence Halls

Best time to be here: summer afternoon. The architecute of  West campus residence halls is based on the Oxford gothic architecture. It is best to be here in the summer time, as it gets very cold and slippery during the winter months.

3. Sage Chapel

Sage Chapel, Cornell.

(Image Credit: Alex )

Best time to be here: winter afternoon. This beautiful chapel that was built for all denominations provides a quiet sanctuary and warmth to Cornell students.

2.  Minns Garden, Plant Science Building 

Best time to be here: late spring. This garden before the ivy-covered plant sciences building blossoms with so many colors during spring.

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1. Libe Slope Overlook

Best time to be here: fall sunset. Looking at the sunset at the Libe Slope Overlook is the quintessential Cornell experience. The fantastic spot offers a view of Ithaca’s hilltop and twinkling lights of houses on the hill, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

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Philly’s EDM Nightlife Part 1

Hacienda DJ Booth

After recently reading a review from CBS on the top EDM nightclub options in Philadelphia I felt it was necessary to add some clarification to the botchery that was the article
CBS Philly EDM Nightlife Certainly, Philly’s electronic nightlife scene is booming, but not all the places catering to such a taste were created equal.

Lit Ultrabar
460 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 600-3601

Lit was named one of the best bars in Philly in the aforementioned article. Sorry CBS, but the Trestle Inn will always and forever be the greatest bar in Philly. Don’t know why? Get on the dance floor and groove to some funky deep and you’ll get the idea. Anyway, back to Lit. Yes this place may get some decent electronic acts, most recently DJ Michael Myers who throws down at Soundgarden often (although, if his Facebook is any clue to his thoughts he thinks Rumor is the epitome of Philadelphia nightlife. Bummer dude). In any case, Lit’s horrendous sound system that produces shaky bass and unbalanced high range squeals is sure to give your eardrums auditory cancer.

Go if: Your favorite electronic act happens to be passing through it’s doors.

Stay away if: You value your ear’s auditory functionality.


1500 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 988-0777

Rumor does indeed have two dance floors and a VIP area, along with a bar tucked away in an old bank vault. It also has $8 bottles of water and cover charges that range from twenty to forty five dollars. Unless your trust fund has room to spare over your ludicrous college expenses, you may want to party elsewhere. Furthermore, while Rumor occasionally plays host to big acts such as Kaskade and Tritonal, it more often than not is a spot for local DJ’s to do their thing. Rumor’s sound system is also quite good, but it’s lacking on space and occasionally leaves you with less than an inch to spare between yourself and the nearest Guido.

Go if: You want to have a fancy night doing Molly in the private bathrooms.

Stay away if: You want to rage in a T-Shirt.


SoundGarden Hall
520 N. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(847) 268-8331

SoundGarden Hall consistently receives some top names in the EDM landscape. Myon and Shane, Sander van Doorn, and Seven Lions have each made multiple stops at the venue in the past year. The 18+ shows are often flooded with Kandy wearing, serotonin-surplussed raver-animal hybrids but most of the time the crowed is respectful and generally positive. The true magic of SoundGarden comes alive on its newly introduced Hacienda nights. Hacienda provides a 21+ atmosphere that is both more intimate and in an area that recently received a serious sound system upgrade. Oh, and the shows go on until 4:00 A.M. which is a welcome addition to the cities few offerings in regard to late night, electronically enhanced, partying.

Go if: You want to get down and dirty to some deep house.

Stay away if: You would rather go to Rumor and get extra fancy.