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Hurricane Irma Delays College Entrance Test ACT

ACT Inc, the maker of the United States’ most used college entrance exam, said on Thursday it has canceled the ACT exam scheduled for Saturday at some of its international test centers because of a leak of the test materials. Hurricanes also cause disruptions in the U.S.

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The test has been rescheduled for affected students at overseas centers. No information about how the test materials were leaked has been announced at this point.The breach and cancellations were confined to specific international test centers.

The first of the new school year, the ACT was to be used by high school seniors applying to colleges this fall. Both the ACT and, the SAT, are used by thousands of U.S. colleges to help choose among millions of college applicants.

Hurricanes Harvey and now Irma have also lead to some ACT rescheduling in U.S. states such as Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Source: (Reuters) 

Credit: Hurricane Irma image courtesy ( Nasa)

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