Beefeater’s 5 Parlay Rules For Success

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  1. Respect The Parlay
    • Never include a bet which you have made an individual, solo bet on first into the parlay. There is nothing worse than your solo bet and parlay all going to shit because of one fuck up.
  2. Maximize Your Earnings
    • Always include at least one dog into the parlay in order to maximize your earnings.
  3. Be Realistic
    • Do not make serious parlay bets with more than 4 events. However if you’re a broke fuck and still surviving on your refund checks in college throw $1 on a 9 or 10 team parlay you have my permission.
  4. Be Patient
    • Do not rebet the parlay once it has been broken with a loss. This is for all you suckers that think your 4 team parlay is a lock and the first event you chose which lost was just a fluke, so you reenter a 3 team parlay. Bad News.
    • They always want to take your money twice. Once it’s gone, let it go, and start again the next day.
  5. Rome Was Not Built In A Day
    • Parlays are tough and you should enter them with the correct expectations. You will always lose more than you win, but the important part is to choose the correct bets to include and always follow the above rules to ensure you make money. Which is always the goal!


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