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Snap Inc Struggles to Survive Q2

This is a surprising story given how much hype has been given to Snap IPO at the start of the year, Snap Inc. stock price continues to fall(NASDAQ: SNAP). Q2 earnings let investors  down reporting a second quarter non-GAAP loss of $0.16 per share after the close Thursday (source: Nasdaq).

One big problem  is that Snapchat has only 174 million Daily Active Users (DAU), compare this to Facebook Instagram Stories exceeds 250 million daily active users. Users can  post disappearing stories for a 24-hour period closely similar to Snapchat’s service.

Snap Map is a new feature that has big potential for  the company, while Spectacles the sunglasses that also shoot video hasn’t been selling well. Recently the Snap Inc. stock price has recently plummeted going below the IPO price ($17) and has now closed as low as $11.83.

The stock lockup is recently expired, allowing early investors, employees and insiders to sell shares which has added to selling pressure on the stock. Can Snap Inc. survive this downward trend on the stock market? Is Snap Inc. going to follow the same downward spiral as Twitter? Only time will tell…


One thing that’s certain is for Snap Inc. IPO investors it’s been a bumpy and unprofitable ride to date.

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10 Summer Ivy League Photos

Ivy League colleges are some of the most spectacular and oldest colleges ever built. Here’s a collection of 10 perfect summer ivy league photos, also includes commencement photos Class of 2017. Courtesy of the following Instagram accounts: Harvard, Upenn, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Penn & Columbia.
Which is your favourite Summer Ivy League Photo?

Can’t hide the beauty of Penn’s campus. #Penn

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“Summer Nights” #Princetagram by @danielgalastro

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#Princeton17 marching in their first P-rade! #PrincetonReunions 🐯

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Branford College courtyard at sunset. #Yale #sunset

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Sage Chapel framed by a canopy of shade #Cornell #CornellSummer #architecture

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How to Grow Your Wealth Faster

Ivy League Alumni

Do you want to make higher returns on your stock trades? Using a leveraged ETF can boost your returns, but they are also more risky for investors. Here’s some advice about leveraged ETFs:

Disclaimer (see our disclaimer page): Seek professional advice before investing.

An ETF (exchange-traded fund) is a security which basically holds a bunch of stocks or bonds, or an index fund. You can buy ETFs for almost any industry: Telecoms, Tech, Biotech, Utilities etc..

For example: S&P 500 Index ETF, SPDR

Leveraged ETF

So a leveraged ETF uses financial tools (borrowing) to increase the leverage of your bet. You can get *2 or *3 positions which aim to provide 200 % & 300% (respectfully) of the underlying market performance of the asset. If the technology stocks rise 1% and you own a technology ETF *3 then you get a 3% return for the same trade because leverage boosted your returns by 3 times.

For example here is a leveraged Technology ETF: TECL *300

Using leverage is more risky. Because the moves up and down are more volatile. Expect swings anywhere between 2%-10+% a day (up or down) depending on market volatility. There are fees involved in owning a leveraged ETF and beta-slippage can cause the ETF to not match the performance of the market over time. If you can handle the risk and are chasing fast returns then a leveraged ETF can be a faster way to grow your wealth.

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Stock Picks for 2017

Buying an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a tough choice for investors to make. An IPO is when a private company decides to list on a public stock exchange, like Snap Inc deciding to list on the NYSE at the start of 2017. One reason that 2017 IPOs are risky is because the companies that are going public are investing for growth and may not be profitable (yet).

Nine tech companies have already gone public in 2017:  Alteryx, Carvana, Cloudera, Elevate Credit, Mulesoft, Netshoes, Okta, Snap and Yext (Source: TechCrunch).

The biggest IPO of 2017 is Snap Inc ($15.14), the social media app that is locked in a battle for users with Instagram Stories. If you invested in the Snap IPO you probably lost  money because the stock currently is valued at below  the IPO price of $17

Recently Blue Apron ($6.65) completed it’s IPO at $10, the meal delivery service has recently closed below it’s IPO price too. Another cautionary tale for IPO investors.

Rumour has it that another tech stock is planning it’s IPO in 2017: Dropbox. The company is a data sharing business, and it could be the biggest U.S. technology company to go public since Snap Inc. Dropbox will begin interviewing investment banks in the coming weeks, according to sources(source: Fortune).

While investing in an IPO has it’s own risks, if you like the company enough and believe in their story for growth they present an interesting proposition.

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Avoid These Cashflow Mistakes

It’s easy to make money mistakes especially if you’re a Millennial. The economy has been tough and asset prices are expensive. According to a recent news article by CNBC: Millenials think they’re more financially savvy then they actually are!  Here’s 4 money mistakes to avoid:

1 Blowing the Budget

Stick to your budget so you keep on track for financial success.

2. Too Much Debt 

A mortgage that is too big for you to pay back could end in disaster if prices crash again (circa 2008).

3.Watch out for Credit 

Paying excessive interest rates on your credit card can set you back.

4. Spending Too Much 

Avoid spending on the stuff you don’t really need and try and save more!

Avoid these 4 common pitfalls for Millennials and get on a path to  financial success.

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Snap Stock Slides: Time to Sell?

Snap Inc stock price is falling. Snap has only 166 million daily users.

At the same time Facebook Instagram Stories exceeds 250 million daily active users. Users can  post disappearing stories for a 24-hour period closely similar to Snapchat’s service.

The Snap stock price has recently plummeted going just above the IPO price closing at $17.31.  This is a surprising story given how much hype has been given to Snap stock prior to listing at the start of the year.

Should you short Snap? Or is it a buying opportunity? Comment below.

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Tesla Is The Most Shorted Stock $10.4 Billion


Tesla is now the most shorted stock in the US . Tesla shares are up 70 percent year-to-date, at the same time established automotive companies like Ford and GM shares have sunk.

Musk stands by Tesla

According to an Investopedia article that cited data which shows the short interest in Tesla totals about $10.4 billion.Musk’s caption for the article was “could be worse.”

This sets up a high stakes battle between Musk and Tesla, against short-sellers who are betting the shares will fall in value. Any mistake in Model 3 production and launch by Tesla could set of a Tesla stock crash  and the short sellers will make a tonne of money.

Comment below if you would short Tesla and why? 

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Study Tips From The Top 10% (SAT, ACT, GRE)

When exams come around most people cram last minute, but is spending late nights trying to memorise formulas and facts a good idea? Here are the study habits that work for the top 10% of test takers (GRE,SAT,ACT,GMAT), see the infographic below (NOTE: from our advertising partner Magoosh, check out their selection of prep tests). Taking the day off before the exam is a bold plan indeed. Here’s what works for the top 10% of students.

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One additional tip, prepare ‘clear study notes’ that you can revise right before you go into the exam.

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