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10 Reasons Why College Sucks.

College has some downsides. It’s not easy to juggle life with going to college. Here are 10 reasons why college sucks!

 Enjoy suckers …

1 Schedule

If you like to be in control of every aspect of your life, when you go to college your schedule basically is out of your control. You will spend hours waiting between classes wondering how your life got so bad.You stupid son of a bitch reaction


Listening to lectures about cell biology, or algebra can be incredibly boring. College isn’t always interesting. . . just try and stay awake in class.Harvard Snow Day Photo


You never failed at anything at highschool, but suddenly you find yourself falling behind in a class full of people smarter than you. Failing a paper or test can be hard to accept. Who likes failure? 

4. Money

Going to college is expensive and you’re always short of money when you need it the most, like when you go to a bar and ask a pretty girl if you can buy her a drink, but your bank card gets declined! While your student loan is getting bigger everyday.

Ivy League Alumni


We all like to sleep, but sometimes you can’t sleep when you have a final paper due at 9am, and due to bad time management and procrastination, you have to stay up writing all night. In the morning you will look like a Zombie. 


Giving your first  presentation in front of all your peers can be stressful, especially if you don’t like presenting. College is full of moments that challenge you to do things your not that good at, and don’t like doing.

7. Deadlines

You have fallen behind on classes and suddenly you have deadlines stacked up so high you want to get on the next flight home, and leave your college town forever. Thankfully coffee comes in handy in moments like these.

8. Social Life  

At some point your social life is going to suffer at college. While you have plenty of new friends you can’t always go out partying when you have to worry about your GPA. Unhappy Couple

9. Study

You have to study far more than you ever thought was possible at high school. Cramming for exams is hard, and you will have to memorise so many facts and equations.

10. Exams

Who really likes exams? Nobody! At college you will have sit more exams than you care to count.


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Columbia Law School Prof Leaks Memos

C. Shutterstock, Inc

Columbia law school prof leaks memos, is revealed during testimony. The former FBI Director James Comey’s long-anticipated congressional testimony set off a social media storm on Thursday with millions of people jumping on twitter, and packing out bars to watch the spectacle.

Columbia University The Steps
Columbia University The Steps

Comey’s disclosure that the person who leaked his memos of meeting with Trump was a Columbia Law School professor led to a stampede on the school’s website, causing it to crash (source: Reuters). Columbia’s campus is the smallest of all of the Ivy League schools with 32 acres of property, but it is some of the most prized real estate in the world as it sits on the edge of the Upper West Side.

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Tesla Is The Most Shorted Stock $10.4 Billion


Tesla is now the most shorted stock in the US . Tesla shares are up 70 percent year-to-date, at the same time established automotive companies like Ford and GM shares have sunk.

Musk stands by Tesla

According to an Investopedia article that cited data which shows the short interest in Tesla totals about $10.4 billion.Musk’s caption for the article was “could be worse.”

This sets up a high stakes battle between Musk and Tesla, against short-sellers who are betting the shares will fall in value. Any mistake in Model 3 production and launch by Tesla could set of a Tesla stock crash  and the short sellers will make a tonne of money.

Comment below if you would short Tesla and why? 

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Study Tips From The Top 10% (SAT, ACT, GRE)

When exams come around most people cram last minute, but is spending late nights trying to memorise formulas and facts a good idea? Here are the study habits that work for the top 10% of test takers (GRE,SAT,ACT,GMAT), see the infographic below (NOTE: from our advertising partner Magoosh, check out their selection of prep tests). Taking the day off before the exam is a bold plan indeed. Here’s what works for the top 10% of students.

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One additional tip, prepare ‘clear study notes’ that you can revise right before you go into the exam.

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Pizza Essay Gets Student Accepted To Ivy league

Do you want to get into one of the best colleges in the world? Then you might have to think outside the (Pizza) box. Admissions for the ivy league is challenging with the acceptance rate usually below 10%. But one teen used an unusual pitch in an essay to get offered a place at Yale where the acceptance rate is only 6.3%. Wait until you hear what she wrote about in her application essay: Pizza!

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In response to a prompt about what you love to do, was about Papa John’s. “I love to order pizza from Papa John’s so much,” Williams tells ABC News. “That was my first thought when I saw that prompt.” Her essay, which discussed how ordering from the pizza chain made her feel independent as a kid, was a bit of a risk, she admits, but it made an  impression on Yale’s admissions team. 

We know what your thinking this is a joke? But it’s a true story. Unbelievable!

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10 Hot Job Titles for Tech 2017

Want to study at Stanford? Read our Stanford Guide and get the key info.

Do you know the most in demand job titles for technology jobs in 2017? Find the answer below! Recent research by HiringSolved predicted the most likely job titles for new graduate applicants starting out in technology jobs. The results will surprise you! Here are the 10 Hot Technology Job Titles for 2017 :

1. Software Engineering Intern 6. Member of Technical Staff
2. Software Engineer 7. Business Analyst
3. Business Development Consultant 8. Brand Ambassador
4. Research Intern 9. Marketing Intern
5. Product Specialist 10. Financial Analyst
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10 Popular Skills for Silicon Valley Jobs

If your dream is to work in Silicon Valley then read on…Recent research by HiringSolved has identified the most popular skills for graduates seeking tech jobs in 2017.  The results will surprise you! Here is the top 10 list of skills for Silicon Valley Jobs:

Want a job at Snap?
1. Python 6. Verilog
2. C++ 7. JavaScript
3. Java 8. Linux
4. Algorithms 9. HTML
5. Matlab 10. Gem5
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Getting into a top US university requires good test scores. Let’s review the two major tests options available: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT).

Scoring well on one of these tests means you don’t need to sit the other, a top ACT score is equivalent to a top SAT score, so which test should you choose?

  • One important difference is duration, SAT (3 hours) vs ACT (2 hours 55 minutes).
  • The ACT allows the use of a calculator for the math questions, SAT does not!
  • If you don’t like science then consider the SAT it doesn’t have a science section, ACT does!
  • Both tests have optional essays (with additional time)

Here’s the  SAT and ACT test scores for Yale :

Test score ranges (25th to 75th percentiles) for enrolled freshmen :

  • SAT-Verbal: 720-800
  • SAT-Math: 710-800
  • SAT-Writing: 710-790
  • ACT: 31-35  (source: YALE) 

Before making your decision on which test to use for your college application, consider using an online testing service that offers practice tests, Magoosh offers a range of tests at affordable prices. Goodluck!

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