Dartmouth Guide


 Dartmouth College

Est. 1769

Motto: Vox clamantis in deserto (“a voice crying out in the wilderness”)

Location: Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Tuition:Undergraduate: tuition $49,998; room, board, and mandatory fees $16,176; total $66,174

About 44 percent of undergraduates receive aid from Dartmouth

Schools: Medicine , Tuck Business, Thayer School of Engineering, Graduate, Arts & Humanities, Interdisciplinary, Social Sciences, & Sciences

4,300 Undergraduate students

Admittance: 10.5%

Rank: #=82nd World University Rankings, #16 US Colleges Rankings (Times Higher Edu)

Student Review: The architecture providing structure for most buildings on campus is classified as Georgian. A noted feature of this campus is the greenery stemming from the beautiful landscape made up of a scope of trees that provide a background justifying the nickname for Dartmouth as the “The Green”. By happenstance the university also has a large area officially named “The green”. “The green” is the epicenter of the campus providing a common area where students enjoy festivities ranging from bonfires to Christmas trees to concerts.

The Green Dartmouth
The Green Dartmouth

Overall Dartmouth is a pristine piece of property in the middle of New Hampshire. However their setting being in New Hampshire limits the students’ ability to ingratiate themselves in an urban area such as high ranked schools like Penn or Harvard. Additionally the campus, although beautiful, is just not as majestic, large, or historical as Cornell or Princeton.

Which Hogwarts house is Dartmouth most like?



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