5 Reasons Cornell Is The Best Ivy League School

Cornell Logo

Most economically diverse: 13.3 percent of the undergraduate student body came from families earning below $45,000 per year.

Most Desired: This year’s freshmen class had the most amount of applications from perspective students with a total of 43,041.

Most Accessible: Even having the highest amount of applicants Cornell has the highest rate of admission with 14% and over 3,000 students enrolling this year.

To quell suspicion to assume this is abnormal Dartmouth has an acceptance rate above 11%, but only admits just over 1,000 people

Woman Power: 51% of the student body is made up of women.

This is second to only Brown with 52%

One Of The Most Affordable: Adoptive financial aid program no loans for families earning under $75,000, and a cap on annual loans of $3,000 for families with incomes under $120,000 per year.

And that my friends is the 5 reasons Cornell is the Best Ivy. I guess it depends on who you ask though…





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