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5 Excuses You’re Making To Not Go Out (But Why You Should Anyway)


1. You have utilized every single piece of clothing in your possession and desperately need to get laundry done.


Why this doesn’t matter: Leggings can be worn at least 6 times before washing. Right?


2. It’s January and it’s cold.


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Why this doesn’t matter: Really? What are you realistically going to do tonight? You’ll most likely be binge watching Netflix and checking your Tinder matches every 15 minutes. Go out and try to be a human being.


3. Your hookup wants to come over for a “movie night.”


Why this doesn’t matter: Well actually, it does, see movie night above!


4. You have that 10 page essay on Global Expansion after WWII due in 2 days.


Why this doesn’t matter: Are you kidding me? Two days, one hour is all you need  to write some shitty paper paraphrasing the benefits of capitalism taken directly from Wikipedia.


5. You’re really hungover and haven’t showered yet today.


Why this doesn’t matter: Don’t worry the bar is always going to smell worse than you do.





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